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Visiting Font's Point in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Font's point in the late afternoon from nearby Vista del Malpais.
Font's point in the late afternoon from nearby Vista del Malpais.
Tim Buss:

One of the most interesting places to visit in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is Font’s Point. This particular area gives a great view of that Borrego Badlands just outside the small town of Borrego Springs, California. The area has an interesting geologic history with the area being formed through flooding and earthquakes over millions of years.

The area is fairly easily to access if you have a four-wheeled drive vehicle. The dirt road heading to the site is about ten miles east of Borrego Springs at about the 29 mile marker on S-22. From there, turn right onto a sandy road. At certain times of the year, the road may be slushy and muddy. Some light, two-wheel drive vehicles may be able to access the road in certain circumstances, but it is not recommended. Mountain bikers may find the area to be extremely sandy for the first mile or two. After about two miles in, there is a turn off to go to other wash roads in the area. The dirt road continues south for another two miles to a parking area on the left fork.

While at the point, you can view various panels that describe the geology of the area and walk along the rim. The point is fairly steep and it is difficult to reach any of the area below from there, directly. Miles of vista are visible from this area depending on the weather. However, don’t expect to see much evidence of wildlife, plants, or insects. The Badlands are fairly dry and only a few clusters of plants and a few types of flies can be seen. At night, or in the early morning, there is evidence of owls and coyotes in the area.

The best time to visit Font’s Point is any time of year either right before sunrise or sunset because the rising sun washes the area in color. Check at the park’s visitor’s center for road condition. There are also four-wheel touring companies in Borrego Springs that will take people to the point for a price and a tip. These companies can be found by visiting the town, contacting their Chamber of Commerce, or by searching the internet.