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Visit the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro

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The Friendship Bell was gifted to the United States by the Republic of Korea in celebration of the US bicentennial, as well as to honor the veterans of the Korean War. Recently restored, the bell and pavilion stand as a continuing symbol of cooperation and friendship between the two countries.

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Tips for visiting:

  1. There is a small parking lot just inside the park and near the information center. It gets quite crowded on the weekends, particularly when the sun is shining (and it's Southern California, so it shines a lot) and people want to enjoy the park lawn. The good news is that street parking just outside the gate is plentiful and also free.
  2. The pavilion and bell have recently finished a round of renovations. The colors of the pavilion are particularly bright, and the detail of the carvings (even on the surface of the bell) is magnificent. You'll discover new things every time you visit.
  3. Events happen here all the time. In fact, I accidentally walked through the back of someone's wedding. It's not hard to imagine why it is a popular spot -- the views are spectacular, whether you are looking at the pavilion, or casting your eyes out to sea.
  4. The park is less than a mile from the lighthouse and just next door to the Fort MacArthur Museum and the Angel's Gate Cultural Center. So, don't rush out of town because there is a lot to see in the area!

Be sure to scroll through the photos. You'll see why this is such a popular destination in San Pedro.