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Visit the Brandywine Battlefield, with the backdrop of beautiful countryside

The Gilpin House at Brandywine Battlefield
The Gilpin House at Brandywine Battlefield

As our great country approaches its yearly celebration of independence on July 4, sometimes reminders are needed of the hard fought wars that allowed us to live the life we live today. One of the ways that many folks do that is by visiting the battlefields of the Revolutionary War, which was the war for our independence from British rule. One such battlefield is the Brandywine Battlefield, a popular tourist attraction in the beautiful Brandywine Valley.

The Brandywine Battlefield is not just for history buffs. Located on 52 acres of bucolic scenery, the Battlefield is for history lovers and nature lovers alike. However, if you are here for the history, you can feel the importance of the grounds, as General George Washington and the Continental Army fought this crucial battle against General George Howe and the British Army on September 11, 1777.

The rolling hills and flowing creeks provided the backdrop that Washington figured he needed to help defend against the British advances on the way to Philadelphia. However, the British advanced on to the right flank of Washington’s army and the Americans were unable to overcome the onslaught.

The defeat in the battle caused the Americans to retreat and the British to march on to Philadelphia. The British took over the city and would hold their ground for much of the next year. While the battle was a loss for the Americans, it was an important milestone in the history of our country as we honor those that fought valiantly for our freedom.

If you plan on visiting, here are the days and hours that the park and visitor’s center is open. Tours are available daily, except for Monday, of Washington’s headquarters during the battle, with information here. There are also tours that are available as well, which consists of a 1-1 ½ hour, 24 mile loop of the battlefield. Information on the guided tours are available here.

Another cool and interesting way to tour the battlefield is by doing a self-guided tour. There were three different parts of the Battle of Brandywine and you can take three different self-guided driving tours that take you through all the key areas of the battle.

If you make the trek to the Brandywine Valley this summer to take in all that the area has to offer, make sure the Brandywine Battlefield is part of your visit. As you traverse the hilly roads and beautiful terrain, you can almost sense the presence of the armies, as well as the Father Of Our Country, as he valiantly led the American troops into battle.

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