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Visit Sydney, Australia's Justice & Police Museum

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The Sydney Living Museums cares for a group of 12 of important historical houses in Sydney, Australia. Their purpose is to enrich and revitalize lives with Sydney's living history, and to maintain the houses for the future to enjoy. On April 19, 2014 an exhibit called "City of Shadows: Inner City Crime & Mayhem 1912-1948" will open at the Justice & Police Museum.

"Focusing on the victims, perpetrators and vicinities of crime, the original City of Shadows introduced the world to the museum’s extraordinary and compelling collection of police forensic photography dating from 1912 to 1948. You will meet thieves, breakers, receivers, magsmen, spielers, urgers, gingerers, false pretenders, hotel barbers, shoplifters, dope users, prostitutes, makers of false oaths and the occasional murderer,"according to the webpage.

But the exhibits are not shown for entertainment sake only. "Since 2008, Sydney Living Museum curators have been investigating leads and following up tips from the public. New research has solved many of the mysteries surrounding the people and places in these compelling photographs, and the stories that lurk behind the images – sometimes thrilling, sometimes mundane – can now be revealed."(source)

At the Justice & Police Museum, visitors can see the "1910 Collection." Partly inspired by Scotland Yard’s Black Museum (1878) and intended for teaching rookie officers, the items were assembled to illustrate the workings of the criminal mind and items used to commit crime. Eventually the 1910 Collection also included evidence from various famous cases, and a number of law enforcement relics.

True crime fans, sociologists, and photographers will also enjoy "Crooks Like Us" a collection of photographs taken by Sydney police in the 1920s. Over tens of thousands of these negatives and tintypes have found their way into the Justice & Police Museum.

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