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Visit Shutter Island at Regal Theaters

Shutter Island
Shutter Island

Although Regal Entertainment Theaters boasts 7, count ‘em, 7 different action films this week, you would be remiss to skip a trip to Shutter Island.

Martin Scorsese director of Raging Bull, The Aviator and The Departed does not disappoint in his new venture. The movie begins in the year 1954, and is set on a bleak island off the dismal, foggy coast of Massachusetts. This story follows on the heels of the horrors of WWII, and uses the traumatic memories of the war that plaque the mind of Teddy Daniels (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) as a backdrop to the gruesome tale of mystery. Daniels and Chuck Aule (played by Mark Ruffalo) are two U.S. Marshalls who have been summoned to the island to help locate an escaped prisoner.

This is no small task as none of the guards or doctors who attend the inmates seem willing to cooperate with the investigation. Daniels has his own ghosts and demons to confront along with the complexities of a man hunt on an island that is a maximum security prison for the criminally insane. The scenes are shocking and horrific. The musical score is dark and foreboding. But what will keep you watching are the twists and turns in the plot. Nothing is as it seems in this film and the thrilling puzzle of the story bewilders until the very end.

Rated: R
Running Time: 2 hrs, 18 mins