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Visit San Diego – America’s sunny and happy city

San Diego coastline

Want a break from the interminable slush and dreary over-cast days of the northeast? Sure, there are Hawaii, the Bahamas, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. But you can also stay on the mainland and visit San Diego, in all its sunny glory. San Diego’s fragrant, fresh air and spectacular landscapes are a vacation in themselves – yes – just breathing in the aromatic air and looking at the views are enough to melt the soul and relax the spirit. Anyone who has spent a winter in Boston would understand.

San Diego has so much to offer, including – but not limited to – the beaches (arguably some of the best in the world), spectacular outdoor city parks (arguably some of the best in the world), a world-famous zoo (arguably THE best in the world), a world-famous wine region, breweries galore, hiking, mountain regions, wildlife you can get so very close to; and awesome, fresh, healthy food (and yes, for all those mentioned that did not include brackets – they are also arguably some of the best in the world!).

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