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Visit Night Court in New York City

Ever been interested in the American court system? Or just a fan of Law & Order? New York City's courts offer outsiders an inside view into how the process of serving justice.

According to Forbes, New York City is not one of the top ten most dangerous cities to live in America. But with NYC having a population of eight million, that makes room for a lot of criminals to roam the streets and perhaps innocent people who happened to find themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time. What happens to people when the NYPD arrest them? One of the things that happen to people after being arrested is they must go to court to plead their case, and they have a right to have a lawyer present. In fact, Manhattan Criminal Court handles between fifty to seventy cases between 5 p.m. and 1 a.m. Under the United States constitution, people who are arrested have a right to a speedy trial. Because of the amount of arrests that happen each day in New York City, the city implemented night court since the constitution overrides state or local law.

Manhattan Criminal Court is located at 100 Center Street. Security will direct people to the courts going on that night. Because there is security, expect to be patted down, and to make things quicker, try to leave big bags at home. Also, it would be polite not to take pictures inside the court room. The judges and other court employees are all working hard, and let's face it. No one who is stressing over what this time in court will do to his future wants to have his picture taken.

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