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Visit Lava Beds National Monument

Hidden in the northeast corner of Northern California is this amazing land of volcanic lava tube caves with their own micro-climates, Native American rock art, wilderness, and historic battlefields called Lava Beds National Monument!

Explore Lava Beds National Monument to discover the mysteries of nature and of man.
Photo by Jasperdo

Experience the centuries-old culture of the Modoc tribe and their tumultuous history with the late-coming white settlers. The Modoc Indians used the labyrinthine lava flows, tubes, and caves to defend their homeland during the Modoc War, and the area contains one of the largest Native American rock art panels in the United States at Petroglyph Point.

Learn about the diverse plants and animals that call this harsh semi-arid environment with no lakes, rivers, or streams home.

Have a moonscape wilderness experience for the day or overnight. Campsites are to be had for ten dollars per night at Indian Well Campground and are first come, first served. The campground was built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Geologic formations existing in the park include lava tubes and caves, 30 to 40 thousand year-old lava flows, cinder and spatter cones, and lava fields.

Explore a cave, hike a trail, photograph wildlife, climb a spatter cone, contemplate a battlefield, peer into a crater, visit rock art sites . . . there's no end of things to do at Lava Beds National Monument!

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