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Visit Kobe, relax, enjoy the food, sake, hot springs, and its wonderful people

Just southwest of Kobe
Just southwest of Kobe

Kobe is a beautiful port city, located 500 km southwest of Tokyo. The Port of Kobe is one of the world’s busiest ports; it is also one of the first Japanese ports to open for world trading in1854 following the end of the policy of seclusion.
 Kobe is also famous for many other things including:
Kobe Beef

Ikuta Road, Kobe
Michael Rosenfield

Kobe is well known for it’s delicious highly sought after, tender and tasty Kobe Beef. The high quality of the beef is attributed to a number of factors.

1) The cattle used are direct descendants of an ancient breed of cattle called “kuroge Wagyu (black haired Japanese cattle)

2) The cattle are massaged each day, (pretty good life for a cow).

3) The cattle are fed beer mash and sake, (also nice).

Sake Breweries
Sake is a delicious alcohol beverage made from the fermentation and brewing of rice. There are eight breweries in Kobe -four historical and four modern ones; all of which welcome visitors to see their brewery and enjoy samples of homebrewed sake.

Hot Springs (Arima Onsen)
There are five hot-spring resorts. For about $6.00usd you can enjoy naturally refreshing earth-warmed waters in a resort atmosphere.

Luminarie Festival
If you visit Kobe in December you be able to enjoy the festivities of Kobe Luminarie, which is the festival, and celebration of the rebuilding of Kobe.

In 1995 the Great Hanshin earthquake violently shook the city of Kobe causing it to be the most costly natural disaster to befall a city ever. Since the then the Japanese have rebuilt Kobe and thus celebrate it with Luminarie.

There are many great hotels in Kobe but below are two beautiful yet inexpensive ones.

The Kobe Plaza Hotel- rooms are nice, immaculate and loaded with extra-comforts. The bathrooms have what most Americans have never experienced, a toilet loaded with electronic buttons that can heat and clean you. The lobby has a beautiful entrance-rounded glass doors and marble floors. The hotel receptionists are very pleasant, most can speak some English.

The Japanese make everything more pleasurable by caring about things to the smallest detail.

Area 51 is also a wonderful hotel that won’t leave you feeling broke the next day. Each room has a balcony with great views of either the city or a lush wooded area behind the hotel. All the rooms of both hotels came with free Wi-Fi access. On the light side, included in the slide show is a photo of a page out of the hotel portfolio- in which the hotel safety suggestions are listed and translated into English. In the translation, they mixed up one of the letters in the word “crime” so that now it’s comical to read it.

For flight information from Ft. Lauderdale to Japan go to:

Enjoy your exciting trip to Kobe!


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