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VisionCorps invites Lancaster for a 2nd Look at Annie Bailey’s

VisionCorps invites Lancaster for a 2nd Look at Annie Bailey’s
VisionCorps invites Lancaster for a 2nd Look at Annie Bailey’s

Have you wanted to visit Annie Bailey’s but just have not made it there quite yet? Have you wondered what Vision Corps is all about? Then come out to 2nd Look Lancaster on Thursday, 12 June, at the Irish pub.

The event will be held from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the second floor at Annie Bailey’s, 28 East King Street. Come prepared to mix and mingle. These 2nd Look Lancaster events are a great opportunity to visit a new venue, meet new friends and possibly network among fellow Lancaster area businesses. The events are drop in events.

Next month, the event will be held at the Lancaster Brewing Co., on Plum Street. Future venues include: Character’s Pub, Upohar Ethnic Cuisines, Two Dudes Painting Co., and the Hotel Lancaster. If you have a Lancaster area business and would like to participate, contact Sherry Harry at 717.393.5894 ext. 4117.

“These events are so important,” said Sherry Harry, Director of Marketing & Community Relations.

Local businesses come together in support of each other during these 2nd Look Lancaster events. The first event, 20 people came out. At a recent 2nd Look held at Conestoga House, Harry said 125 people came.

Vision Corps begins the 2nd Look Lancaster events with a 10 minute presentation nearer to the start of the evening introducing the non-profit company to everyone. Ten minutes though does not begin to scratch the surface of what all VisionCorps does.

Headquartered here in Lancaster at 244 North Queen Street, VisionCorps has served the community for 85 years. Prior to VisionCorps, it was known as Susquehanna Association of the Blind. There are three major components of VisionCorps, explained Harry. They are: rehabilitation services, industry, and the Foundation.

Rehabilitation services include anything from occupational therapy to instruction in daily living skills. This could include how to use a white cane to cooking safely to helpful phone apps. Youth services, like summer camp, also fall under the rehabilitative arm of VisionCorps. Rehabilitative services are offered in Lancaster, Leola, Lebanon, Somerset, Berks, and Chester Counties.

The industry division employs local workers, most of whom are visually impaired, to fulfill government and commercial contracts. Industry is provided in Lancaster, Leola, Lebanon and Philadelphia. The products vary by location but they include janitorial supplies, office supplies and military supplies.

“We’re very proud of our on-time delivery rate,” said Marketing Communications Specialist Kim Yakowski, who also maintains the VisionCorps blog.

The most remarkable thing about the industrial division is, according to Yakowski, “75% of the workforce is blind or visually impaired.”

The Foundation is the fundraising and community outreach branch. It is through the Foundation that these 2nd Look Lancaster events are hosted.

In addition to the services it offers itself, VisionCorps houses a low vision resource center and the Steinman Eye Clinic at its Lancaster location. For more information, visit

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