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Vision Zero workshop comes to Lehman College in the Bronx

Vision Zero workshop welcome sign
Vision Zero workshop welcome sign
Michael T. Roeder

A great step forward in Bronx traffic safety was taken Tuesday night as Mayor DeBlasio’s Vision Zero initiative came to Lehman College. The picturesque gothic styled music building hosted a very interactive and innovative public workshop that brought in a diverse and ample audience. The idea of the gathering was to combine interdepartmental resources with the input of the community in order bring about real solutions that could create a safer city for everyone with as little crashes as possible into reality. Community leaders, law enforcement and concerned citizens came together with all levels of the Department of Transportation. personnel from the Bronx commissioner of traffic to the union workers who actually make the D.O.T.’s plans into reality by assembling equipment, installing signs and, of course paving and maintaining the streets of our city.

Officials clearly noted well laid out presentations that created a transparent view of how the Vision Zero plan is meant to bring about a better and safer quality of life for everyone without any false ideals. This workshop talked about all the ways to report dangerous traffic concerns and all the tools available to remedy the problems and how important it is for, “every New Yorker to become aware of the new public discourse on street safety, to appreciate the consequences of careless and dangerous behavior and to do their part to lend civility and consideration to the daily life and rhythm on the streets of our city.”

Most importantly, the workshop highlighted the city’s willingness to listen and outlined how powerful filing reports with 311 can be as well detailing how simple it is to now report these traffic concerns online at
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