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Vision is as important as direction

Accomplishing vision is improved with a well thought out path and directions
Accomplishing vision is improved with a well thought out path and directions
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Entrepreneurs must provide a vision of the business for the team and investors. Often the vision is your future dream business and products. The business potential is exciting and your enthusiasm must come through in discussions with others. After all, this is your dream and you should be excited. The more exciting the dream the more enthusiastic you become, but it is critical to remember that a dream can never reach reality if you fail to provide proper directions.

It is easy to paint that 30,000-foot level overview to everyone. It takes great thought and planning to provide the road map of how to achieve any required timelines and goals. You may need help from others to develop or refinement a direction, but having others self-direct themselves and the company with no input from the leader may result in confusion, conflicts, and slower growth.

Think of the problems congress experiences in making any decision or taking an action. The greater the problems, the more input and direction come from all the members. Politics become involved and for each direction, reasons for counter measures emerge. This conflict and sidedness is natural when many players are asked to decide on anything or to make plans; i.e., each has their own ideas of best direction. You may be able to merge all ideas into a single well thought plan, and in fact, this is much better than assuming everyone else will reach a plan you feel is acceptable.

A simple strategy will allow you to lay out a general path. First, learn about the business and find out as much as possible about each aspect. Try breaking the route to success into segments, and then establish goals and timings for each segment. Meet with the team members responsible for the segments and refine the tasks and timings. Refine the steps and discuss the plans with the whole team. Work to bring everyone to an agreement on the proposed directions. Make any final adjustments you feel will make the plan work better. Many parts of the road map likely came from your team, however, your intimate involvement in the process heightens your understanding of the issues and helps bring the team into a consensus as far as strategy and activities.

The point of building a business is to make money for all investors. You as the leader must provide direction and vision. Assuming that painting a vision is enough may results in coming up short on meeting objectives. You must take an integral part in the planning and provide a road map. Then ensure each person on the team understands the goals and feels the goals can be met on time and on budget. Adjusting the route to success may be an iterative process of adjustments that deviate from the original plan, but the team will have a much easier job of understanding what to do and how to perform to meet your timelines and objectives.

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