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Virtue's Ruin from 'From the Vault: Annihilation'

Virtue's Ruin and friends
Virtue's Ruin and friends
Photo courtesy of Wizards of the Coast, used with permission.

Originally printed in Portal, Virtue's Ruin is one of 15 terrific Magic: The Gathering cards featured in Wizards of the Coast's From the Vault: Annihilation. This powerful sweeper effect can be absolutely devastating against the right player.

Virtue's Ruin
Photo courtesy of Wizards of the Coast, used with permission.

Virtue's Ruin - 2B
Sorcery (Mythic Rare)
Destroy all white creatures.
All must fall, and those who stand highest fall hardest.

Unlike its sibling Perish from Tempest, Virtue's Ruin doesn't have the clause "they can't be regenerated." It's more a counterpart to Nature's Ruin from the same set, however because Perish was actually a tournament legal card at the time whereas cards which were printed only in Portal and Starter expansions were not, many don't know of its existence.

Unless you're playing with cards that allow you to change the color of permanents in play such as Heaven's Gate or Shifting Sky, Virtue's Ruin is best relegated to your sideboard.

How will you use Virtue's Ruin? Please let us know in the comments or via social media.

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