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Virtually try on eyewear with new e-commerce site

Virtually try on your next pair of glasses with Iristocracy e-commerce site.
Virtually try on your next pair of glasses with Iristocracy e-commerce site.

Iristocracy has recently launched an eyewear e-commerce site that features exclusive fashion brands and live 3-D, try-on technology in an effort to ease online shopping for glasses.

This past January, Iristocaracy debuted its online store, which is the first to provide customers the ability to build a look around their eyewear. With an emphasis on style, technology and the promotion of eye health, Iristocracy aggregates the trendiest eyewear and accessories for stylish shoppers.

The eyewear and accessories offered on Iristocracy are a curated mix of styles from fashion designers and popular brands, which include Linda Farrow, Cazal and Amrita Singh.

Visitors can browse the products by brand, color, material, price, and face shape and size. The products are also categorized by personality. From bohemian and retro to classic and feminine, there are multitudes of varieties for eyeglass wearers.

Co-founder and CEO, Natasha Vora, understands the importance of eyewear as fashion accessories that are an extension of their personal style, yet insists consumers visit their optometrists for regular visits.

Eyewear is an accessory for people to tell stories about who they are. We want to make the wealth of talented eyewear and accessory designers accessible in an online site for shoppers.

Our clients’ eyes are too important for chance. We encourage our shoppers to reach out to their eye care professionals while we continue to focus on offering the best eyewear and accessories available.

With Iristocracy’s 3-D, try-on technology from the company Total Immersion, visitors with a computer outfitted with a webcam can purchase their eyewear with confidence. As the first brand in the United States to offer Total Immersion’s new face-tracking technology, shoppers are provided new calibration based on eye and face detection, which allows for better scale and placement of the glasses. Shoppers can access the technology via the site’s home page or through the “Try On” icon in the bottom right corner of each product’s page. From there, shoppers can try on glasses from the comfort of their own home, office or even café.

Iristocracy touts itself as prescription free, which means the company encourages online eyewear shoppers to have their prescription filled with an eye care professional. For those who do so within 30 days of their order ship date, they can receive a $50 Visa prepaid gift card from Iristocracy in the mail after they have scanned and emailed or faxed the company their lens receipt.

For more information, visit Iristocracy to try on your next or first pair of eyeglasses.

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