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Virtual World Addiction - Do you suffer from it?

Second Life offers unlimited opportunities for us to escape from the real world, and delve into whatever our fantasies can conjure up.

But some can take that too far, and actually become addicted to this escapism, withdrawing from their lives and their friends. As much enjoyment as SL has to offer, it has also produced its share of broken marriages, betrayals, and hurt to the people who come here to find one thing, and end up losing another.

This hurt can be in the form of losing touch with their real lives at the expense of spending all their time in Second Life. Or it can be hurt they experience IN SL, from people who hurt others simply because they can. After all, it's just a game, right?

Is it?

We will be beginning a series of articles on Virtual World Addition, or VWA as I will call it, from the point of view of people whose lives have been forever changed by living their lives in SL.

If you have experienced this scenario, or are now going through it, we want to hear from you. All identities will be kept confidential. Your story needs to be told, to show others we are human, and that, for some, this is much more than a game.

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