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Virtual pop group Geeh The Band launches singing competition for kids

Geeh The Band's creator Alfonso Soto is conducting a nationwide singing competition for the voices of his virtual pop group.
Geeh The Band's creator Alfonso Soto is conducting a nationwide singing competition for the voices of his virtual pop group.
Photo courtesy of Geeh The Band

San Antonio dad Alfonso Soto was concerned about the music his daughters were listening to so he created the virtual pop group Geeh The Band. Now he is giving kids the chance to be in the action by launching a nationwide singing competition and he is looking for voices for each of the 7 member group.

The contest is open to kids up to 13 years old. The deadline to enter is midnight EST on June 20, 2014. Kids can record and upload a 60-second clip singing Geeh’s “We’ll Make the World Shine” to Vimeo or YouTube and then submit the entry form on the band’s website. The winners will be the new voices for Geeh The Band’s 2015 studio album and will receive a one-time prize of $500. More information about the band and the contest can be found online.

This is what Alfonso Soto had to say recently about Geeh The Band and why it’s so important to him.

Q: Describe Geeh The Band and its members.
A: Geeh The Band is a virtual pop group for kids and tweens. There are 7 band members who each have their own role, personality and likes and dislikes.

  • Cue is the boss. He is the manager of the band & plays the drums.
  • Mid is the bass player and is the shyest of the group except when he is on stage.
  • Tune has a vintage style, loves art and sings backup vocals.
  • Melody’s favorite color is pink, she loves to write letters and is the lead vocalist.
  • Up is the front man of the band and plays lead guitar. He is also dating Melody.
  • Groove loves tie-dye t-shirts and jams out on percussion for the band.
  • Loop is the class clown and is always getting in trouble, but only when he’s not playing the keyboard.

Q: Who came up with the original concept and why?
A: I came up with the idea a few years ago when I was listening to my daughters sing lyrics that were not suitable for their age. I decided to create a virtual band that would promote upbeat music, be suitable for kids and have positive lyrics. Having a virtual band meant kids would have pop stars to look up to that would not be exuding questionable behavior.

Q: Who writes the music and lyrics?
A: The Geeh Team writes the music and lyrics. It consists of my wife, my daughters, our music producer and me.

Q: Why did you decide to have this contest?
We were looking for seven new voices for the band and we decided this would be a fun opportunity for aspiring singers. I think kids will love to be part of the band and to hear their voice as one of the characters.

Q: The characters look so adorable, any plans for a cartoon in the future?
A: Yes! Aside from the band creating CD’s we are working towards creating cartoons and live virtual holographic shows.

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