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'Virtual' Jim Morrison's

You can become 'Jim Morrison' playing the Jim Morrison Simulatron
You can become 'Jim Morrison' playing the Jim Morrison Simulatron
Jim Morrison Simulatron

Today we’re going to talk about the ‘virtual’ Jim Morrison. The possibility of Jim Morrison’s appearance (image) onstage in a holographic resurrection, as a game, and an offer to share the same space that Jim Morrison once inhabited.

Holographic Resurrection - One of the first reactions after the Tupac Shakur hologram at Coachella in 2012 was the suggestion of a Jim Morrison hologram, and The Doors did seem to be considering it (see the article “The Doors Welcome the Digital Resurrection?”) but it seems the ‘reality’ of a holographic Jim Morrison may have been closer than fans realize. In a recent interview, the man who created the Tupac hologram, Joel Solloway says “We were trying to do the same digital resurrection with the Doors. This was before Ray Manzarek passed away.” So, it seems the only thing that stopped the project was the untimely death of Ray Manzarek. But if you were going to do a holographic Jim Morrison why not a holographic Ray Manzarek as well? If you would like to read the entire interview it’s at “The Hologram Man: Joel Solloway Talks Digital Resurrection”.

Jim Morrison Simulatron - Any game players out there? There’s an online game called the Jim Morrison Simulatron that lets you manipulate an animated Jim Morrison during “Backdoor Man”. The game has been out since February of this year. Other than the Robby Krieger drawing looking a little like the “Hunchback of Notre Dame” the characters look pretty good. I wasn’t able to manipulate the Morrison character but if there are any gamers out there who give it a try let me know how it works/works out and I’ll do a fuller article. The Jim Morrison Simulatron.

Jim Morrison’s Norton Avenue House - If you’ve ever wanted to inhabit the same space that Jim Morrison did, your chances may be improving. The West Hollywood Historic Preservation Commission tomorrow (September 2) whether to approve Cheri Woods request to turn the Norton Avenue house that Jim Morrison shared (occasionally) with Pam Courson into a bed and breakfast inn. The commission previously asked Woods to better document Morrison’s connection to the house, and having reviewed the documentation will vote on the measure tomorrow night.

If approved and Woods gets the historic designation she will move to evict two tenants one of whom is handicapped. For more information see the article “WEHO Historic Commission Considers Requests about Fickett Building, Jim Morrison Home and Irv’s Burgers”.

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