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Virgo-Pisces axis, Full Moon rising in Virgo

Winter Roses
Winter Roses
Catherine Al-Meten

"I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world." Rainer maria Rilke, Book of Hours.

First Quarter square of the Moon in Gemini to the Sun in Pisces, occurred on Saturday, March 8 at 17 degrees. This affects the mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces most significantly. Notice in your chart, the houses where the mutable signs are and where your personal planets, the Sun, and the Moon may have received the aspects. First quarter squares give up the first indication of how plans and projects begun on the New Moon are shaping up. And a week from today on March 16, the Full Moon in Virgo peaks, so this will be a significant and powerful week for those of us with key planets, aspects, and solar and lunar energy in the mutable signs.

The Pisces-Virgo axis is about uniting the infinite with the finite, the spiritual with the material, and the illusionary through mindful presence of the ordinary. Dreams that were making their way into our consciousness at the time of the New Moon in Pisces, now appear in our visions and imaginations in greater clarity. We begin to see how our desires are meant to manifest in the course of our daily lives and in the way we go about living day by day. As the song Day by Day
from the Broadway musical, Godspell reminds us.

At the first quarter square, the light begins to dawn on us that whatever we dream of being, doing, having, creating, and becoming, has already begun, and continues to take form in our daily activities, thoughts, behavior, intentions, opportunities, relationships, and experiences. Our ability to stay mindfully present to what we are doing and how we are being helps us appreciate and learn to work with what is rather than living in a fantasy or illusion of our egos. We are gifted with both the spiritual desires, dreams, and understanding and the physical gifts, health, mental and emotional clarity to bring our dreams to fruition. Whatever area the Pisces-Virgo axis falls in in your chart, is the area of your life where this challenge and blessing is currently active and emerging as a point to be receive, resolved, and rejoiced over.

The rulers of this Virgo-Pisces axis are Mercury, Neptune, and Jupiter. The natural house rulers of these two constellations are the 6th and 12th houses. Themes like order and chaos, control and trust, service and devotion, and pragmatism vs creative energy. When the shadow element of Virgo is at work, our need to control the area ruled by Virgo is apparent. We become critical of ourselves, and tend to allow our perfectionist tendencies to rule and indeed, overshadow other creative and harmonious elements of our nature. When the shadow side of Pisces is active, we get lost in our own delusions and avoid seeing how ideas remain in the realm of the unconscious and non-manifested if we do not bring them into some type of physical or material form. For example, we may talk to ourselves and others continuously about the advantages and disadvantages of taking a particular action or making a certain decision, yet we may never get around to doing anything but talking about it. This is a time when we can become more fully aware of what has heretofore been unconscious or out of our capacity to change or act. We can also see more clearly how we have been prepared to take action, make changes, or do that which we have been dragging our feet on. If we do not make the changes, the changes will happen anyway, and then we will have to deal with the consequences of not taking actions or making choices that are needed.

We are learning that we need both the ability to analyze, handle the details, take necessary steps, and dedicate our time, energy, and resources toward that which feeds our soul and nourishes our life in the direction of our dreams, desires, and calling. We need to maintain a vision, the ability to see the whole picture, the finished product, or the end goal while taking care to take one step at a time, maintain optimum health and clarity, and integrate the spiritual with the physical aspects of our daily life. Whenever we overdo on one end of the spectrum (Virgo’s need for control, ‘nose to the grindstone’ mentality, or self-defeating attitudes and behavior vs Pisces dreams and visions, optimism and tendency to overlook the basic needs, and ability to revel in the vision and never get down to work), we miss the opportunity to use the energy of both to create, grow, and live fully in the present. If at any moment you were to stop what you are doing, what does your life, as you live it right now, tell you about what matters, what is vital to your health and well being, and who you truly care about? The call is to live fully now, the life you envision for the future. Live as if it were as it should be already. This is the message of the fully healed, evolved experience of the Virgo-Pisces axis. Trust in the idea that how you live is meant to serve both your own good and the lives of those who depend on and love you. Being fully evolved or enlightened means you are able to see how everything you do speaks to how you love and serve others.

In your astrological chart the houses represent different areas in your life. There are six sign polarities, representing the natural oppositions in our lives.

1st house/Aries- 7th house/Libra axis. The first house represents the Self and how you present yourself and are seen in the world. The seventh house represents Other, or partnerships, or how you relate in your closest relationships and partnerships (including marriage). The natural ruler of the 1st house is Aries and the natural ruler of the 7th house is Libra. If you are tired of the way others treat or see you, examine what it is that you are sending out by the way you appear to be. How does your physical appearance, your self talk, the story you tell when you answer simple questions, the incongruities in your life speak louder than what you believe about yourself? Notice how your relationships reflect your willingness, desire, or need for connection and love. What is happening now in your life that need to get a make over?

2nd house/Taurus-8th house/Scorpio axis. Form vs transformation. 2nd house matters deal with personal values, material goods and our beliefs and values related to them, possessions, matters of security and issues related to how we value who we are vs how we are in relation to others. The 8th house/Scorpio aspect relates to our value in community, our reputation and use to others, our views and experience of destruction, death, and transformation, and how we search for meaning within the experience of living. The play between both ends of the spectrum relate to how we understand and integrate our sense of who we are with our purpose and deeper meaning and life purpose. Why did we come here, and what are we doing about it? How has our sense of who we are developed to the point where we have a sense of our purpose and place within the world? When these areas of our lives are affected by the Virgo-Pisces transit, we have the opportunity of being more mindful of what we say we value and what we actually do. We may seek to learn more about some of the more metaphysical, ancestral, karmic ties that connect us to the lives we are now living. Notice how you are both teachers and students in every relationship, in every role or interaction, and in every experience you have. Pay attention to values that may no longer fit with or be in opposition to how you actually live. Look for areas of incongruity, and walk in greater harmony. Walk the talk, or change the talk, both how you talk to yourself and how you talk about yourself to others. Notice your patterns, and what that which is still not healed is manifesting defensive talk or challenging behavior towards others. Notice how you are spending your time, and judging yourself. What kind of steps might be needed?

3rd house/Gemini-9th house/Sagittarius axis. The 3rd house matters relate to all forms of communication, particularly those with people in our immediate environment (siblings, neighbors, community) whereas 9th house relates to the higher mind, and the world beyond our immediate experience. Gemini represents the immediate, the mental activities and thoughts of the now while Sagittarius represents the higher mental activities, the bigger picture, that which lies beyond our immediate experience or understanding. The 3rd house represents day to day communication and travel, and the 9th house represents communication, travel of long distances, cultures, times, and ages. The 3rd house represents logic, organization, detail, and facts; the 9th house represents the search for meaning, understanding, knowledge, and the quest for meaning that leads to one’s higher calling. The Virgo-Pisces transits affect these areas of our lives by raising our awareness of the connection between our inner growth and our external experiences. When we are more open to expanding in both areas, we grow in both, and we learn what we cannot when stuck at one end of the spectrum or the other.

4th house/Cancer-10th house/Capricorn axis. The 4th house/Cancer represents the home, one’s private life, where and how we make and feel at home, and how we were and are nurtured. The 10th house pertains to what our calling or purpose in life is. It pertains to how we are called to serve in our lives. Often referred to as the house of career, it is more about what and how we are called to live out our purpose or calling. The private vs public axis is one which presents challenges to all of us, and when the Virgo/Pisces axis falls here, this is what issues and conflicts may arise.

5th house/Leo-11th house/Aquarius axis. This axis deals with the pull between our personal needs and desires and the impersonal. The 5th house has to do with creative self expression, pleasure, connection to children, and romance. The 11th house has to do with our relationships in groups, organizations, friendships-interactions. This axis pulls us to balance between our time and need for personal pleasure, creativity, romance, and personal fulfillment, and our need to interact and engage in meaningful ways with others. When the Virgo-Pisces axis transits affect this house, we are called to weigh in on how well we are maintaining a healthy balance between these two areas of our lives, and how we are able to integrate the two in meaningful ways.

6th house/Virgo-12th house/Pisces axis. Virgo and the 6th house both relate to our physical existence--how we live day to day. Our physical health, our bodies, our work, whatever it is we do with our time, energy, and physical being. And Pisces and the 12th house relate to our spirituality and our spiritual identity. The 12th house is about mystery, spirit, the mystical, the hidden and the spiritual ties that bind us to meaning, inspiration, and intuitive knowledge. The 6th house is about daily life, how we live from our heart or not, and how we use our gifts, talents, abilities, and knowledge. Pisces provides the gifts, Virgo provides the tools for using the gifts. How, in your life, are you being called to use your gifts and hone your skills and tools? How are you bringing ideas, inspiration, and intuition to life in your life?

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 16, 2014 will peak at 10:08 AM PDT at 26 /02 degrees. Before the Full Moon, some other major aspects occur that shape the way we understand who we are and how we are living. On Tuesday, March 11, Mercury in the latter degrees of Aquarius squares Saturn in Cancer (Saturn is also retrograde). Due to Saturn’s recent retrograde movement, we may find ourselves receiving news, coming to a greater understanding, or communicating once again how we feel or understand something that is hindering our progress. The lessons seem to be more of an internal nature, though we what is within is always reflected in some way, in our surroundings and in whatever we are engaged in doing. Taking time for ourselves now, to listen more intently, to the messages welling up from our heart and soul. Listen to the call from within, and honor the blessings in your life that are surrounding you now.

Time also during this Mercury aspect to review projects, make revisions, finish up what needs attending to. Do the work even when you see no rhyme or reason. Trust that whatever you have to do is somehow teaching you something of great value that will help you be achieve what you need and want. We still need to take care of details, or at least show our willingness to take steps that help clarify or make changes that open doors to that which is calling you to do, be, or change.

Mercury also makes a seisquadrate aspect to Jupiter on Thursday, making for a period when the recent station direct of Jupiter had been saving up for just such a day as this. The flow of ideas, information, news, and communication may seem like a torrential downpour. Take steps to keep breathing and letting go of trying to control the flow or take actions. This is a time to allow the flow to happen, and to notice--simply notice what stands out as vital, significant, or unusual. Trying to deal with everything at once is not helpful; observing and becoming more mindful of what is opening up before and within you. Notice your emotional responses to what is happening, and honor your need to take care of yourself while still honoring the valued friendships that shape and fill your life.

Later in the late afternoon or early evening, the Pisces Sun trines Saturn, the Great Teacher, and we get a tremendous glimpse of how blessed we are by life we have chosen. We become more grounded, and more intensely connected to that soul-deep sense of who we are and where we are. We are here for a purpose, and we connect to that higher purpose in our daily life and in the awakenings that we now feel flooded with. We see ourselves and our lives as they are, and we embrace life as it is. We feel our capacity to live life as it is, and to enjoy being who we are. Especially if we have been learning from Saturn’s journey into our depths, do we now begin to appreciate the gifts in some of the garbage, toil, and challenging work of the past few years.

On Friday, Mercury trines Mars (also recently in retrograde). Our work, communication, and life activities in general, are energized and moving. We now receive what we have needed, and are actively engaged in doing what needs to be done. We also feel the thrill of being active and engaged. It is a great time for productive work and energizing engagements. Events, plans, and activities work out beautifully, and our work is engaging and pleasurable.

Next Sunday, I will not be posting a weekly forecast. It is my birthday, and I plan on having a beautiful day under the influence and blessings of the Full Moon in Virgo....exactly where both the Sun and Moon were at my birth. Enjoy bringing the disparities, incongruities, and conflicts of life into balance during this week of blessings from Virgo and Pisces rulers, Neptune (currently transiting Pisces too), Jupiter (transiting watery, security, comfort-conscious Cancer), and Mercury ( in innovative, unconventional, airy Aquarius). Also Chiron in Pisces. This is a week of healing, integration, and uniting disparate parts of ourselves and our lives in the atmosphere of wholeness, blessings, and unity.

From one of my favorite sacred scriptures, I wish you many blessings.

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my right hand." Isaaih 41:10

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