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Virginia works for legal immigration; Maryland for illegals

Del. Ana Gutierrez and Sen. Victor Ramirez (center)
Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

While lawmakers in Richmond were attempting to pass legislation to help poor, legal aliens, Democrats in Maryland are pushing through legislation in Annapolis that could provide special legal privileges to illegal immigrants.

Bills introduced by a pair of local legislators were sailing through the Virginia state house that would cost about $1.5 million over the next six years and create a new government office to help legal immigrants in the Old Dominion.

Sen. Adam Ebbin’s (D-Alexandria) SB 604 passed the Senate Feb. 18. Del. L. Scott Lingamfelter’s (R-Woodbridge) HB 1138 passed two committees unanimously but was killed by the House Appropriations Committee Feb. 14.

The bill, with bipartisan support, would have created a Department of Social Services an Office of Immigrant Assistance to help the estimated that 339,200 immigrants lawfully entering the United States and the Commonwealth for the purpose of becoming citizens. The office would have provided advice and assistance regarding the citizenship application process and assistance with finding and securing employment, housing, and services for which such persons may be eligible.

The House version passed Feb. 18.


In Maryland, Del. Ana Gutierrez (D-Chevy Chase) and Sen. Victor Ramirez (D-Cheverly) two lawmakers who hail from El Salvador have introduced legislation , HB 29 and SB 554, that would require state and local law enforcement officials to release illegal aliens who are arrested on a charge then found to have a federal immigration detainer on them.

The Senate bill has hearing scheduled for Feb. 27 before the Judicial Proceedings Committee at 1 pm. The House bill has a hearing scheduled before the Judiciary Committee at 1 pm on March 6.

The lawmakers were asked if individuals eligible for release are being detained on the basis of an immigration detainer? If so where (in Maryland)? What does federal law say about this? They did not respond within 48 hours.

Many governments in the state opt not to hold illegals on immigration detainers. However, to have the state pass a law that goes out of its way to violate federal law is ridiculous. What about those governments in the state that choose to honor federal immigration detainers? Have those communities no rights?

If the Free State isn’t going to cooperate with the Feds on immigration, why should the Feds work with Maryland on murder, drug, armed robbery, wire fraud or any other corruption. It wasn’t the Democrats who took down Jack Johnson and his wife Leslie, it was the Feds. Let us not forget the Baltimore jail scandal.

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