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Virginia's 7th district is in trouble

Eric Cantor 7th District Rep
Eric Cantor 7th District Rep

Virginia Republican Congressman Eric Cantor represents the 7th district. His tenure has been filled with divisiveness and controversy which has resulted in him having a 7% approval rating, the poorest in recent history. Cantor has not only caused dissention and problems for the Democratic party, he has caused some serious rifts in his own party as well. The lastest stems from a $25.000 donation he made to a super PAC called Campaign for Primary Accountability that was used against other republican incumbents. Equally controversial was the sudden split of Cantors top aide Brad Dayspring earlier in the year, which was followed by a confrontation with another of Cantors top staff members. Dayspring who is known as one of the House Republican Conferences top operatives departed after an incident with Cantor aide Mike Ference over a jobs bill that was due to hit the floor. Dayspring and Ference exchanged heated words, and were seen later that same evening almost coming to blows. By the end of the week, Dayspring had submitted his resignation.

Cantor has also held an on again, off again relationship with House Speaker John Beohner which has also been a source of friction within the party. Speaker Beohner and his number one, Majority leader Cantor have been on different sides of several issues, which some attribute to opposing opinions. However, some members of the House think Speaker Beohner tries to hard to please everyone, while Majority Leader Cantor takes the hard line. So let's take a partial look at his voting record. According to GovTrak.US. Rep. Cantor from Jan. 2001 to July 2012 has missed 337 of 8377 rollcall or recorded votes, thats about 4%. Rep. Cantor who calls himself a conservative, has continously voted for what amounts to unconstitutional big government legislation even though he claims to be for limited government spending. Homeland security alone was awarded a hundred billion dollar budget. The Patriot Act, Real ID, FISA, Medicare Part D, Farm Bill, and voted twice for TARP. It passed the second time. Rep. Cantor also voted for numerous regressive bills such as Amendant 35 to H.R.2647 introduced by Rush Holt as a counter current to the current push for coverup in American military and interrogation activites. Amendant 35 requires military interrogations to be videotaped, with the exception provided there may not be time to set up a camera. The Holt amendment passed on a roll call vote by a margin of 224-193. Rep. Cantor voted against the measure.

H.R. 11 The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act is a bill that seeks to amend an injustice and provide a fair shot at equality in the workplace. It states that workers cannot be expected to file suit for compensation for wage discrimination before they actually find out that they have been discriminated against. A previous court case, decided against a worker named Lilly Ledbetter, had declared that workers must file a lawsuit within a few months of the time that wage discrimination begins, even if they are unaware of the discrimination at the time. H.R. 11 would remove the ridiculous restrictions on workplace equality. Rep. Cantor voted against the measure.

H.R. 1106, The Helping Families Save Their Homes Act, is a bill passed by the House that would allow bankruptcy judges to restructure mortgages on family homes to make them more affordable. Judicial modification is already possible in bankruptcy for loans covering luxury yachts, and the vacation homes of the wealthy. H.R. 1106 includes a number of protections against mortgage fraud and limits coverage to those who have made good faith efforts to stay current on their mortgage payments, a policy that would be benificial to bankers as well as homeowners improving the likelihood that home loans will be repaid rather than abandoned and thus restoring stability to the US housing market. Rep. Cantor voted against this mesure.

H.R.1467, the Safe and Secure America Act of 2009 let's the government continue to obtain information on you without a warrant, to engage in continued roving wiretaps, and to designate people suspected of doing things that might be activities that might end up in a terroist act as legally equivalent to a spy for the KGB. These are provisions of the Patriot Act that were set to expire on Dec. 31st 2009. H.R. 1467 would keep them going for another ten years. Rep. Cantor cosponsored this bill.

H.R.2, The Childrens Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009 makes four million children who are currently without health insurance eligible to be added to the rolls of the State Children Health Insurance Program. Rep. Cantor voted against the measure.

H.R. 3269 says Corporations do not benifit themselves. They are given existance by their charters on the condition that the behavior of corporations provides benifit to shareholders and the public. When corporate honchos authorize huge executive compensation for themselves without due opportunity for shareholders approval, they pervert the conditions of those corporate charters. Rep. Cantor voted against the measure.

H.R.4853, The 2010 extensions of tax cuts didn't just continue the tax cuts for billionaires and millionaires enacted under George W. Bush, it expanded those tax cuts, allowing inheritance of estates of up to ten million dollars tax-free and deeping special tax favors for investors. The legislation also undermined the integrity of Social Security by creating a new standard of low funding for the Social Security trust fund exposing Social Security to new charges of being unsustainably funded. Rep. Cantor voted to pass this measure.

Motion to Concur on Patriot Act. On February 25,2010, the House of Representatives passed an extension Patriot Act provisions for spying on Americans without establishment of probable cause or so much as a demonstration that the person being spied upon is even tangentially connected to terriosim. This reauthorization of this most controversal bill made it through the House hidden within Medicare legislations and contained no reform whatsoever. Rep. Cantor voted yes to pass this measure.

S 3307, No Child in America deserves to go hungry, but in places and times of poor economic opportunity, some children in American go without food. When this happens, we starve our future. S 3307 The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010, was passed and signed into law in order to do better by American children. The bill makes the first inflation adjusted increase in federal funding to feed poor kids in 30 years. Those who voted against food for poor kids overwhelmingly voted a week later to give billionaires a tax break. Rep. Cantor voted against the measure.

Her are just a few examples of why Rep. Eric Cantor is not only no good for the 7th district, he is no good for Virginia, or the country. Cantor is up for re-election in 2012, lets make the right choice.


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