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Virginia District 7 voters failed again

Resting comfortably in the Virginia countryside, the majority of Virginia District 7 voters are living pretty well if not high on the hog. In their minds, they don’t want the federal government messing with their wealth-fed independence. Here is a list of things they don’t want:

Virginia District 7, home of the Cantor upset's_7th_congressional_district#mediaviewer/File:Virginia_US_Congressional_District_7_(since_2013).tif
  • Don’t want a bunch of illegals from Mexico to get a free ride to citizenship
  • Don’t want to pay for social services that are too excessive and undermine people’s motivation to get to work
  • Don’t want to pay higher taxes for things that folks don’t benefit from here in the country
  • Don’t want laws that favor gays, lesbians, women or anybody else claiming disenfranchisement
  • Don’t want more government and want fewer regulations over business and private lives

Does that speak for everyone in District 7?

For one thing, District 7 has struck out on a lot of elections by voting for conservative Republicans who are not electable in statewide and national elections. That means they are stubbornly stuck on their beliefs, however that translates into not being represented effectively in government.

Looking at the demographics, these citizens are doing alright financially, but they are not extremely wealthy. They are mostly white folks from the middle class struggling to keep what they have. They might be paranoid.


According to the United States Census Bureau's 2010 data for the 111th Congress, the total population of the district is 757,917. Median age for the district is 39.2 years. 74.3% of the district is White, 17.1% Black, 3.9% Asian, 0.3% Native American or Alaskan, and 2.1% some other race with 4.9% Hispanic or Latino. Owner-occupied housing is 72.0% and renter-occupied housing is 28.0%.[32] The median value of single-family owner-occupied homes is $188,400.[33] 88.1% of the district population has at least a high school diploma, 36.7% at least a bachelor's degree or higher.[34] 9.9% of the district are civilian veterans. 12.7% are foreign born and 20.1% speak a language other than English at home.[35] 9.9% are of disability status.[36] 68.2% of the district is in the labor force, which consists of those 16 years and older. Mean travel time to work is 26.2 minutes. Median household income is $64,751. Per capita income is $33,628. 5.3% of the population account for families living below the poverty level, and 7.6% of individuals live below the poverty level.[37]”'s_7th_congressional_district


“(Eric) Cantor was defeated in the Republican primary in Virginia on June 10, 2014, by university professor David Brat, thus making Cantor the first House Majority Leader to lose his party's primary since the position was created in 1899.”'s_7th_congressional_district

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