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Virginia distillery ups proof in organic rye whiskey offering

Catoctin Creek has released a higher proof version of its popular organic rye whiskey.
image courtesy of Catoctin Creek

Rye whiskey, especially among bartenders and cocktail drinkers, is making a huge comeback. Distillers large and small continue to debut new whiskies of this type across the country and now Catoctin Creek out of Virginia, already known for its popular Roundstone Rye, is upping its game also with a higher proof offering of its flagship spirit.

Catoctin said recently its new Roundstone Rye 92 would become a regular offering in its whiskey line up, unlike its cask proof variant which previously was bottled only a few times a year. Bottled at 92 proof (46% ABV), it will initially be available in Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia and New York for around $53 for a 750 ml bottle.

The development of this higher proof organic rye is the result of the distillery putting away whiskey for aging, like so many other spirits producers do, and then drawing from "interesting barrels from the back of the barn" to create a spirit Catoctin believes has been "specially curated for flavor." Just under four years of age, reported the Washington Post recently, its flavor profile hints at what's described as an "intensified" version of the regular Roundstone.

"We are very excited about this new product," said Scott Harris, Founder and General Manager of Catoctin Creek, in a statement. "We discussed this new product with customers like Jack Rose Whisky Saloon, The Passenger, and our distributors, and all agreed that this would be a great new product for the distillery."

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