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Virginia Democrats Seek to Reverse Ultrasound Measure

Virginia Senate votes to repeal mandatory ultrasound
Virginia Senate votes to repeal mandatory ultrasound

Just weeks after an unprecedented mid-term reorganization gave Democrats control of the Virginia Senate Chamber, legislative bumbling and maneuvering led to the passage of a bill that would repeal the mandatory ultrasound law that was passed in 2013 and signed into law by then Governor Bob McDonnell.

Senator Mamie Locke (D-Hampton), led the charge to repeal the law. Locke called the ultrasound mandate "a measure to shame, judge, and delay a woman’s access to the health care she seeks."

The Senate bumbled through the process with Senators casting mistaken votes. When it came down to the last opportunity to allow Senators to revote as they originally intended, which would have defeated the measure 21-19, Locke voted against the reconsideration which requires unanimous approval. notes, "Yet, while abortion backers say having an ultrasound is like getting raped, a 2003 study shows 99% of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities do them beforehand."

The measure is likely to die in the Republican controlled House of Delegates.

Victoria Cobb of The Family Foundation said, “Make no mistake – there were more members of the state Senate today that opposed both abortion bills than supported them. It was only by mistake that one passed. Clearly, among Senate Democrat leaders, orthodoxy to the abortion industry takes precedent over the consciences even of their own members.” [Richmond Times Dispatch]