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Virginia Dem. centers campaign on Fox News, NRA, calls Oliver North a 'scumbag'

Virginia Democrat focuses campaign on Fox, NRA.
Virginia Democrat focuses campaign on Fox, NRA.
Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

It seems Mike Dickinson, the Virginia Democrat running to replace Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., has decided to focus his campaign on Fox News and the NRA, claiming Thursday he is "leading the charge on Fort Fox." In addition to constantly attacking the network, he targeted Oliver North, calling the veteran Marine a "scumbag."

"Only on Fox News do they give a show to a scumbag like Oliver North- the man lied to. & defied Congress by selling arms to Iran.He's a felon," Dickinson said.

Dickinson made headlines when he declared that Fox News "lies," and suggested on Twitter that the FCC should monitor and regulate the network.

He has since compared the network to dog feces and attacked those who watch it.

"Saying Fox News is 'news', (sic) is like putting dog manure in a bag&calling it a brownie.There's a place for opinions-not on a news show," he tweeted.

By that logic, MSNBC would definitely be out of business.

But Dickinson wasn't finished, mocking the millions who watch the network.

"Fox News viewers; walking advertisements for why we need better eduction in America," he tweeted, posting a picture captioned: "Give a man an education, lose a Republican."

But Dickinson fumbled in an attack on the network, falsely claiming that former Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush signed "thousands" of executive orders.

"Executive orders?? Outrage on Fox for the President signing any. Bush, Reagan signed thousands. No outrage when GW did it," he wrote.

But according to the National Archives, Ronald Reagan signed a total of 381 executive orders while Bush signed 291, for a combined total of 672, nowhere near the "thousands" claimed by Dickinson.

He followed that tweet with another, calling Fox News racist.

"Racism is treating two people differently in same situation. Fox News GUILTY. didn't say anything about Bush, yet cry over President O," he said.

No doubt, Dickinson's apparent obsession with Fox News will endear him to the far left, but it is doubtful his daily attacks on the network and those who watch it will win him the election.

One person asked Dickinson: "You don't expect to get elected, this is a tryout for Media Matters right?"

Dickinson also falsely claimed the NRA descended from the KKK and called it the "National Fear Association."

"Pro life crowd one day, pro death NRA member the next," he said in another tweet, attacking those who oppose abortion as well as those who believe in the right to keep and bear arms.

Ironically, he said that right after proclaiming: "Either you respect freedom for ALL or you can't say you support freedom."

Note: Dickinson has agreed to debate this writer next Wednesday, February 26, here.



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