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Virginia Couple hits multiple lottery jackpots in same month

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Millions of people play the lottery each day and dream of hitting it big just once, but a Virginia couple has shattered the odds by winning multiple times in just one month.

According to WKTR, Calvin Spencer and his wife Zatera, of Portsmouth, have won $1 million from a Powerball drawing, $50,000 after purchasing 10 winning tickets in the March 26 Pick 4 drawing, and most recently $681,000 in a lump sum payment from a scratch-off ticket.

State lottery officials are baffled, and Calvin Spencer is taking it all in stride. As he picked up his latest winnings he had one thing to say, “We’re not finished yet!”

The Spencers are not the only ones who have broken the bank with multiple winnings, but their money came rather quickly.

Several winners have won multiple jackpots over a longer period of time.

Seven–time lottery jackpot winner Richard Lustig is considered an expert after amassing several millions of dollars in winnings.

He went on to publish a book to teach others his successful methods.