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Virginia Couple hits lottery jackpot 3 times in same month for over $2 million

Perhaps "The Luckiest Couple on Earth" is a deserving title for Calvin and Zatera Spencer of Portsmouth, VA, who just won their third major lottery prize this month. The Spencers first won $1 million as the second tier prize in the March 12, 2014 Powerball drawing.

Virginia's Zatera and Calvin Spencer have won 3 lottery jackpots in the same month worth over $2 million. Images

Then on March 26, Calvin played 10 tickets in Virginia Lottery's Pick 4 game. His selection of 6-6-6-6 nabbed him another $50,000, according to Virginia's Daily Press on March 31. The Virgina Daily Press covered the couple again as they picked up their third huge hit at lottery headquarters recently.

You see, the day after winning the $50,000, Calvin Spencer picked up a scratch ticket at a Norfolk convenience store after dropping his wife off for an appointment. That scratcher turned out to be worth yet another cool $1 million.

The Spencers opted to take an immediate cash payout of $681,000 before taxes, rather than take the full $1 million annuity paid out over 30 years in their latest stroke of good luck.

"Baby, we did it again!" Calvin told his wife. When they claimed their latest prize he told lottery officials, "We're not finished yet."

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