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Virginia Beach Valentine's Day guide, part 1

Maverick Murder Mystery
Maverick Murder Mystery
K Applebee

Valentine’s Day conjures up visions of romantic candlelit dinners, wine and roses but if you’re looking for something edgier, consider Marriage Can Be Murder, the current interactive mystery dinner theater from Maverick Murder Mysteries.

The Will Murder Mytery
K Applebee

Maxwell Scammer junior's carefree bachelor days are over. He must tie the knot before his 40th birthday or he will lose the family fortune. Time is running out and tonight is the big night. Will the groom survive this "killer evening".

The show runs weekends at Providence Square Grill, 941 Providence Square Shopping Center, Virginia Beach, VA. For reservations, call 409-6599.

Looking to spend a night at home? Try a murder mystery party game like The Will or Who Shot Prospector Pete? Kits come complete with character dossiers, rules, suggestions for the host and clues. Love Game of Thrones? Try Murder at the Manor.

If you’re on a tight budget, download one of the freebies: Assassination on the Nile or Chariots of Death (think toga party).

Check out previous articles with more suggestions for Valentine’s Day melodramas, resources and scriptures.