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Va. Dems unsure of Mike Dickinson over connections to local adult businesses

Spotsylvania Dems unsure of Dickinson over connection to adult businesses.
Mike Dickinson via Daily Kos

Mike Dickinson, a 34-year-old Richmond Democrat seeking the House seat currently held by Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., received what was called a "chilly reception" from Spotsylvania County Democrats Monday night, reported. Local Democrats like Richard Toye reportedly expressed concerns over Dickinson's association with local strip clubs and his lack of experience.

According to Jeff Branscome, Toye told Dickinson there was “no way” the 7th District Democratic Committee would nominate him.

"So far," Branscome said, "no other Democrats have announced plans to seek the party’s nomination."

If that happens, Toye reportedly told Dickinson that he'd "have to support that no-candidate option” at the convention.

Dickinson, who admitted doing consulting work for adult businesses, recently sent a letter to the editor of The Free Lance–Star castigating some Democratic women who opposed his candidacy because of his “background in business with adult clubs.”

Dickinson, however, said that “judging people by outdated stereotypes is exactly what Democrats are supposed to be against.”

Spotsylvania Democratic Committee member Opal Stroup took exception to his letter.

“You’re asking us to donate money to you, you’re asking us to work our butts off for you but then you write a letter to the editor that attacks women in Chesterfield,” she said. “Do you think that’s a real wise strategy?”

She also asked about letters he wrote to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

In January 2013, Dickinson claimed to be the CEO of Mid-Atlantic Showclubs, an adult business.

“But tonight you said you just consulted,” Stroup told Dickinson. “So which is it? You either misrepresented yourself to the public or you’re misrepresenting now.”

“I was a lobbyist working for a company, and I wrote what I had to write on paper to get the job done," Dickinson replied.

Recently, Dickinson accused Fox News of lying and suggested the network be monitored and regulated by the FCC.

"Fox News does nothing but tell lies and mistruths. They have unqualified political analysts. We need FCC to monitor and regulate them," he said on Twitter.

When confronted by Sean Hannity on an interview that aired Tuesday, Dickinson claimed the network lied by referring to the Affordable Care Act as Obamacare. He also claimed the network promotes hate by calling the ACA "Obamacare," apparently unaware that President Obama has called the law "Obamacare."

On Wednesday, he told Hannity the FCC should monitor all networks to ensure only news is presented.

Dickinson has also claimed the NRA descended from the KKK, and claimed the Tea Party and the KKK are "one in the same.

After Tuesday's interview, Dickinson said those who want the truth in the Benghazi terror attack suffer from a mental disorder. He doubled down on Wednesday, playing the race card.

"Benghazi truthers show the true racism in this country. Bush got treated innocent till guilty with 9/11,President Obama guilty till innocent," he said.

Note: Dickinson has agreed to debate this writer Wednesday, Feb. 26 at 5 p.m. Pacific time, here.



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