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Virgin America flying homeless California Chihuahuas to NYC, but Dayton dogs need homes too


Chihuahuas are popular dogs (certainly here at the Dayton Dogs Examiner household where we have two of the little fellas) because of their small size and big personality. But a severe overabundance of homeless Chihuahuas in California is forcing animal shelters there to send dogs to areas where there is a demand, such as the east coast. Virgin America airlines donated their services to fly the dogs to New York in style on January 6, complete with doggie treats and toys. The dogs will be made available for adoption next week after a behavioral and medical review by the ASPCA.

While this coast to coast story is dramatic, don't forget that the greater Dayton area has plenty of homeless Chihuahuas and Chi mixes for adoption. We're thrilled to have given a home to our little Chi/Poodle mix Garrison (photo above). Angel Animal Rescue of Middletown, Ohio  needs a home for Mr. Wiggles:

Mr. Wiggles is a sweet, little dog, looking for a loving, forever home. He likes both people and other dogs. Mr. Wiggles is very ENERGETIC and loves to play and roughhouse, with his squeaky and rope toys. He is a wonderful little companion dog, who will play until he is tired and then crawls into his little bed, by his foster dad's desk. and falls asleep.

The Humane Society of Greater Dayton needs a home for Beyonce.

Beyonce is a 16 year old teacup chihuahua, who came into the Humane Society because her elderly owner had to go into a nursing home. Beyonce was only supposed to be here temporarily, but then her owner passed away, which left little Beyonce homeless.

For many more adoptable Chihuahuas in this area, see Petfinder. 


  • Laura 5 years ago

    Mr. Wiggles is SO CUTE... If I lived on my own with Garrison I would be tempted to go meet him...

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