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Virg Bernero needs the support of Michigan residents in the upcoming general election on Nov. 2nd

Remember Virg Bernero on November 2, 2010 to become Michigan's next governor!!!
Remember Virg Bernero on November 2, 2010 to become Michigan's next governor!!!
Randy Jenkins

Virg Bernero won the democratic nomination for governor in the August 3, 2010 primary election and now moves on to face republican nomination winner Rick Snyder in the November 2, 2010 general election in Michigan.

A recap of the primary election results which has resulted in a Bernero-Snyder showdown for the position of governor, are the following:


Virg Bernero 59% or 308,864 votes

Andy Dillon 41% or 218,575 votes


Rick Snyder 36% or 380,720 votes

Pete Hoekstra 27% or 280,593 votes

Mike Cox 23% or 239,927 votes

Mike Bouchard 12% or 127,112 votes

Tom George 2% or 16,983 votes

At a time when Michigan is among the top in the nation in unemployment, home foreclosures, declining population, etc., Michigan needs Virg Bernero who will strengthen, restore, rebuild, and reshape the future for Michigan residents.

Virg Bernero has a proven track record of creating good jobs.  Under Bernero's leadership as Lansing's mayor,  he balanced budgets without tax increases, and helped bring over a half-billion dollars of new investments which created and retained jobs.

At a time when budget deficits are frequent in government, Bernero has shown an ability to make government more efficient and accountable.  As mayor, Bernero erased more than $30 million in Lansing's budget deficits without raising taxes and without layoffs.

Virg Bernero has an interesting main street agenda that will address the relevant areas that will ultimately strengthen Michigan. Some of Bernero's ideas include:

  • Business tax reform that directly rewards job creation and export-oriented manufacturing.
  • Breaking the credit crunch for Michigan manufactures and job-creating small business.
  • Creating green manufacturing zones at former automotive sites.
  • Building and restoring Michigan's skilled workforce.
  • Rebuilding Michigan's failing and declining infrastructure.
  • The continuance of fighting for fair trade, not free trade.

Unlike the republican candidate, Rick Snyder who is in the mist of his first run for public office, Virg Bernero is ready on day one to implement his agenda and to lead Michigan's economic recovery and rebuilding due to his experience in government as mayor, a state senator, a state house representative, and a county commissioner.

For an extensive look at Virg Bernero, please visit .  Here, you can volunteer, donate, purchase "Virg Gear", see his views on the issues, see his vast endorsements, sign-up for email updates, etc.

Michigan needs Virg Bernero, and Virg Bernero needs Michigan residents to show their support by voting for him on November 2, 2010 in the general election.


  • Allan Ford 4 years ago

    They call Virg Bernero the "Angry Mayor", we can't get intense passion confused with being angry. GO VIRG BERNERO.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    With all the cuts that Governor Snyder has proposed that will negatively affect Detroit residents, I say good for you because you should have got out and voted. With Governor Snyder winning without the support of Detroit residents and knowing, he owes Detroit residents NOTHING!!!

  • Louis W. 4 years ago

    Michigan needed Virg Bernero in these trying times. Michigan needed a leader who knows struggle and how to make ends meet.

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