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Virally video voiceovers on Fiverr

Video gone viral!
Video gone viral!
Photo by Jens Schlueter/Getty Images

A recent August 1, 2014 article on details many of the reasons why some videos go viral while others simply fall flat. The popularity of video marketing has been on the rise during the past few years since search engines like Google have decided to include a small thumbnail image of the video next to each related link offered in their search engine results.

Why the big change? Simple. Online surfers love videos. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video must speak millions. Viewers can receive much more information is far less time and in a highly more interesting visual style than with a traditional written advertisement. Internet marketers have taken note. And the search engines have followed. Google marketing statics now show that consumers are much more likely to click on a link with a video that one without.

But video marketing is quickly becoming very competitive. And as a result, Fiverr is giving some very useful tips for finding video voiceover talent. These tips can be found in their blog article of August 1, 2014. Fiverr has long had a steady stream of professional voiceover artists offering their services starting at only $5 through this creative freelancing website. Fiverr administration wants to make sure that their customers get what they pay for.

Not all professional voiceover artists are the same, just like every video marketing campaign is vastly different from the next. Some videos are very straightforward and professional in tone. Others are hilariously funny. And some are simply so highly imaginative that they go instantly viral, being shared across the Internet at such an alarming rate that the video and voiceover work seem to overshadow the product being sold.

BMW has recently mastered this video advertising strategy with its “Ultimate Racetrack” marketing campaign for the new M4 model. The commercial shows the sporty vehicle veering all over the deck of a US aircraft carrier while the viewer watches in breathless anticipation, waiting to see if the driver is going to plummet to his death in the ocean’s waters below. The commercial is a video viral sensation. And BMW sales are on the uptick, even though most viewers do not even remember the BMW M4 Car being in the video at all.

Sometimes, the success of video marketing lies in the details. And Fiverr wants to point out that not all voiceover artists can provide the same skills. But you can definitely find what you are looking for somewhere on Fiverr.

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