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Viral video: Woman throws 'other woman' off of cliff

A woman in Peru found her husband with his mistress, and she threw the "other woman" off a cliff. According to a June 21 article on "The Christian Post," the whole incident was caught on camera, and the video has gone viral on the Internet.

A woman is caught on camera as she pushes husband's mistress off cliff

The jilted wife first is seen confronting the cheating husband before she gets into an altercation with his mistress, grabbing her by the hair and throwing her off of a 20-foot-cliff. The husband disappears at this point, leaving the "other woman" at the mercy of the angry wife. Reports indicate that although requiring some medical attention, the woman survived the fall.

People around the world are registering their support for one or the other of the characters in this real-life drama. Some of the news media sources have released their names and the details of their personal situation. One mentioned that the wife had four children, and yet another quotes the mistress as denying a romantic involvement.

In this digital age, there is almost always a camera watching everywhere you go.

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