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Viral video: Watch this fake chef make morning TV hosts eat disgusting leftovers

Chef Keith Guerke managed to get on multiple morning talk shows over the recent holiday season to promote his new cookbook called Leftovers Right: Making a winner of last night’s dinner. Three problems though – the guest’s name isn’t Keith Guerke, he’s not a chef, and he has no such book.

Nevertheless, Guerke, whose real name is Nick Prueher, managed to pitch his crazy idea and get onto five Midwest morning shows, reports Deadspin on March 3, even though his credentials were completely fabricated.

Prueher convinced the show's producers that certain leftover “recipes” are quite tasty, and, on live air, fed his disgusting concoctions to the gullible morning hosts – including mashed potatos stuffed in an ice cream cone and topped with corn, a ham and gravy smoothie and even day-old KFC drumsticks covered in cranberries.

The fake chef character is a creation of Prueher and his friend Joe Pickett, who together are co-founders of the Found Footage Festival, a show that compiles goofy old VHS footage into a show full of outlandish and hilarious segments.

“We’re both from Wisconsin, so we were back there for the holidays and we got bored, so this is what we decided to do for fun,” Prueher said. “We hate doing morning talk shows. We realized we were always on after the chef segment so we thought that’s the easiest thing to get booked.”

Some of the clips show the food tables “accidentally” toppling over or Prueher deciding to rap during the middle of his “cooking.” Prueher says that despite the fact he tried to make the segments go as poorly as possible, the show’s hosts were the ones doing the apologizing.

“Believe it or not, most of the time the hosts would politely thank me and say they were sorry that the segment didn’t go better,” Prueher said. “But they were the always the ones apologizing to me.”

According to the Huffington Post, this “isn’t the first time the Found Footage crew (or at least part of it) has pranked talk shows. Their K-Strass yo-yo prank from a few years ago featured a character co-created by Joe Pickett and his friend Mark Proksch, who poses as an inept yo-yo ‘professional.’”

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