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Viral Video: Students use cell phone policy to prank popular professor

Dr. Stephen Barrows might be rethinking his cell phone policy after students use it to best him on April Fool's Day. The Aquinas College associate professor has a strict policy that anyone who gets a call during class must take it on speaker phone. Fox 17 News reported on April 7 how his students used that policy to play a hilarious prank on him that has now gone viral.

The YouTube video labelled “Best Classroom April Fool’s Prank Ever" is making it's internet rounds and it truly might be the best way to fool a teacher. Students in Dr. Barrows' macroeconomics class got together to make sure the prank went off without a hitch.

When the cell phone of one of the students rang, she took the call on speakerphone per the class policy. The class (in on the prank of course) gasped in shock and horror as the results of a recent pregnancy test were revealed. Dr. Barrows of course remembered his policy but felt horrible that the student had to find out this way.

The student seemed to take it all in stride though and never took the call off speaker phone. When the call ended, the class let Dr. Barrows in on the prank in an even funnier way. Make sure to watch the viral video of one of the best pranks ever.

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