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Viral video shows boy's 'exasperating' reaction to mom's pregnancy news

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When a couple decides to tell their family and friends that they are expecting a new baby it can be nerve racking. After all, you never know how someone might take the news. According to an article published by on Thursday one mother got more than she bargained for when she told her son the big news.

Shanee Hart shared a video on YouTube capturing the moment she told her son she was expecting another baby, and to say his reaction was priceless would be an understatement. After hearing the big news, the young man, who is seated next to his baby sister in the family's car, grabs his face with both has, grumbles, and shouts: “what were you thinking?!”

Throughout the video, which is just short of two minutes long, the young man gives his mother a mouth full. He even went as far as to say the entire thing was “exasperating.” At one point he asked why his mother wanted to get another baby to replace one of the babies she already had, after which his mother assured him that he and his sister could never be replaced.

The shockingly sweet video ended with this adorable little man agreeing to “get used” to the idea of having another baby in the family. However, he quickly requested that his mother buy him some ear plugs to go along with the new attention.

Hart also posted the video on her Facebook profile, and it has gained over 213,000 shares. In that post Hart stated that she and her husband had been keeping the baby a secret from their son, and when they finally told him, he was not happy. She added that they are very proud of their children.