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Viral Video: Running bison are not a sign of doom

Earlier this week a video of bison running down a road in Yellowstone Park began making it's rounds on Facebook and other social media. The video of the running bison warned of an impending natural disaster since animals seem to have a sense of impending doom and have been known to flee the area. On April 4, Huffington Post reported on the Yellowstone bison story and calmed fears of another natural disaster.

The video of running bison was originally shared on March 20 and has since gained millions of views. As the video was shared on Facebook, it was accompanied by a warning of an impending super-volcano. This fear was further boosted by a small earthquake near Yellowstone park as well as other earthquakes that made headlines world wide.

Park officials and geologist confirm that the bison video is completely natural though and there is no impending doom to worry about. Amy Bartlett spoke about the running bison phenomenon and said it was just a matter of the weather being nice and the bison feeling "frisky."

Officials want the public to know that there is no reason to avoid a visit to Yellowstone Park. The super-volcano eruption that many worry about will not likely happen in this lifetime. The bison run like seen in the video during the spring every year and it is not a warning that something is about to happen.

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