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Viral video of 2-legged boxer sparks interest in adopting from dog rescue

Duncan Lou Who is the playful 2-legged boxer in the viral video making it's rounds on the internet. Duncan, who lives with the owner of Panda Paws Rescue, is bringing dog rescue into the national spotlight. On April 5 Panda Paws Rescue writes on their Facebook page that the public response to the video of Duncan Lou Who is overwhelming with many offers pouring in to adopt the now-famous pooch.

While the attention from Duncan's viral video has brought a lot of attention to dog rescue, it has been both positive and negative. There has been such an outpouring of support for the special needs boxer that Panda Paws founder Amanda Giese is somewhat overwhelmed.

With many offers to adopt Duncan, she warns that he is not an easy dog to care for. The special needs boxer requires round the clock care since having his back legs amputated as a puppy. Giese hopes the attention for the special pup being seen around the world will open people's hearts to adopt other dogs and not just the one making the news.

Panda Paws Rescue routinely adopts out healthy and special needs dogs to Vancouver and Portland area residents. They are urging anyone who would consider adopting their now-famous dog to instead adopt a healthy dog. As they so eloquently put in the Facebook post, many healthy dogs are killed every day because they didn't make the news and don't have a crowd of people vying to adopt them. They also require much less attention and medical care, making them much easier for potential owners to raise.

For more information on Panda Paws Rescue and to save a dog's life, they can be found on Facebook or on the Panda Paws web page. As with any animal rescue, financial donations and care items are always welcome and needed.

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