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Viral video: Goliath grouper eats shark whole

A video of a goliath grouper eating a shark has gone viral. In the short, homemade video, a group of fisherman can be seen with a small shark on their line as they try to reel it in. In the video just over a minute long, a dark shadow can be seen in the water below the shark. According to ABC News on Thursday, this is when the giant Goliath Grouper comes up out of nowhere and swallows the shark in just one bite.

The shocking video was actually loaded to YouTube about five years ago but recently has gone viral. In just a few days of internet sharing, the fish eats shark video has racked up more than five million views. That is great news for the Florida fisherman who shot the clip off the Gulf Coast in Bonita Springs, Florida. Bad news for the four foot long black tip shark that was already struggling on a fishing pole.

The goliath grouper is the biggest of the grouper family of fish. They live among the shallow coral reefs in the tropics and are found in places like the Caribbean, the Bahamas and along most of the Brazilian coast line. A goliath grouper can grow up to 10 feet long but are often seen swimming around in the eight foot range and can weigh more than 750 pounds. Once considered endangered, the goliath grouper has been protected and as such, is now making quite a comeback along reefs in Florida and other tropical waters.

Groupers are predatory and opportunistic fish. They often hide in the coral and move very slowly, waiting for their prey to come to them. Groupers have a huge mouth and it is normal for them to swallow other fish whole. In this case it just happened to be a four foot long black tip shark that the goliath grouper ate for dinner.

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