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Viral video; does it capture the soul leaving a body

The newest viral video goes to a Facebook member; Paul Rosek of Richmond MI. The video of a mouse dying went viral shortly after being posted on Facebook.

The video shows a mouse getting caught and dying in a trap and near the end of it, the spirit is seen leaving the body.

The viral video has nearly 170,000 shares on Facebook. In the video the mouse can be seen eating what looks like peanut butter from the trap. It eventually springs and the mouse slowly dies. Just after the 40 second mark, the mouse stops moving all together. At that point, you see what appears to be a wisp (of something) come from under the mouse’s body and rapidly float away.

An Early 20th century physician Dr. Duncan MacDougall concluded through a study that people lose weight when they die due to the loss of their soul. 1in 1901, he took six of his patients diagnosed with tuberculosis that allowed him to use their bodies for the study. The Doctor weighed each patient at the moment of their passing, finding that they each lost lost about three-fourths of an ounce. He published his results in hopes to confirm confirm that humans have souls in an article called "Soul has weight, physician thinks" in 1907.

The debate of life after death has been one of constant debate. In 1978 a documentary film called “Beyond and Back” was a low budget production that had clips and interviews of near death experiences.. In several scenes, it reproduced the doctors’ theory, using animals as well as human subjects.

Does this video show the spirit/soul of the mouse ascending to heaven? Was it really an orb/spiritual entity? Was it a cloud of dust? Was it a photographic anomaly? Let other readers know with opinions in the comment section below.

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