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Viral photo: Tickle-me Rob Ford? Toronto mayor gets gleeful by finger prickle
Toronto budget chief Frank Di Giorgio Mayor appears to be caught in a tickle session with Toronto's mayor Rob Ford.

So Rob Ford is ticklish after all.

Toronto’s embattled, crack-smoking mayor was caught in a photo that quickly went viral, reports the Toronto Sun on Friday.

The snapshot shows Toronto's Chief Budget Officer Councilor Frank Di Giorgio with his hands around the burly mayor’s tummy, evidently leaving the mayor giddy with laughter.

It sure looks like Ford is enjoying some tickle-time with Di Giorgio, given the mayor’s red face and huge grin. Not so, says the politician, who pointed out that the photo doesn’t communicate “the full set of circumstances” and that the pair had more of a “manly encounter” than the silly pic would suggest.

Di Giorgio says that the two were at odds during intense budget talks, and during a break were reminiscing about their early high school football days and blowing off some steam.

“I told him, ‘We’re not going to agree, why don’t we settle it on the football field,’” Di Giorgio said he told Ford, before he rushed him and pushed him back against the wall.

“Oh my God! You’ve got to be kidding,” Di Giorgio told the Sun on Friday when he learned about the viral tickle-session photo.

Either way, Ford could use some levity, since most of the times he appears in the news it’s for one ridiculous shenanigan after another:

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