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Viral photo: Ticketed toddler in toy convertible is caught speeding by police

First Coast News / Facebook
A 2-year-old Jacksonville toddler gets her first traffic ticket driving her toy convertible in a parking lot.

The feeling that comes over us when we fly through a speed trap and see the police cruiser pull out with lights all a'flashing is an unmistakably nerve-wracking experience. And we’re adults.

Imagine what two-year-old Za'Dariyah Mishaw may have felt as she was hot-rodding it through the parking lot at her apartment complex in Jacksonville, Fla., when she glanced back and saw rollers pursuing her and her stylish white BMW toy convertible.

According to on March 14, the mini-motorist got her first taste of the law when officers from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office pulled her over in the warm Florida sunshine and cited her for speeding. The police were evidently at the complex on an actual call, and on their way out, decided to have a little fun.

Said officer Christian Velasco, who gave Za'Dariyah the ticket: “She was going pretty fast. It took me a while to catch up to her, but we did, and she was cited.”

The speeder’s mom Zumekia Mishaw says her daughter “took the ticket, and at first she was very confused,” but that Za'Dariyah is “very smart and knows how to act.” Mishaw says her daughter keeps asking her for the $4 – evidently the going rate for two-year-old lawbreakers.

Uncle Keyth Mishaw said, “Everyone always has bad things to say about the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, well, I want to say 'big props' to these officers for making a memorable moment for my family. It was a fun moment, brightened up the whole day.”

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