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Viral photo of man who kills Pitbull puppy leads to petition for justice

On Wednesday, a petition against a Maryland man named Kenneth Woodburn almost has the 9,000 (8,479) signatures needed for legal action against Woodburn, who allegedly shot and killed his neighbor’s puppy. After the March 12 killing, Woodburn posted a picture of the deceased puppy on his Facebook page.

Kenneth Woodburn poses with the pitbull he killed after he claims it charged him. The picture has since gone viral.
Facebook photograph

After the image went viral, a petition was created to urge the St. Mary’s County States Attorney’s Office to take legal action against Woodburn. The petition’s author wants justice for Tank, the deceased dog.

Tank belonged to single mother Richele Ince and her four-year-old daughter. Woodburn claims he shot Tank after the puppy entered his yard and charged him. He had posted on Facebook that if the dog came into his yard, it would die.

Tank, a pit bull and lab mix was a year old and loved by his family and children at a local daycare, which was on the same street. Fortunately, no stray bullets struck anyone near the daycare center. Ince believes Tank was on his way to spending the day with kids at the local daycare. Unfortunately, he may have crossed through Woodburn’s yard. Ince buried the puppy on the daycare center’s property.

Tank’s death has angered many citizens who want legal action taken against Woodburn. Ince said her dog was shot in the side and then the head, which would question Woodburn’s claim Tank attacked him. Woodburn has previous legal troubles which include DUI, weapons, and drug violations.

Read more about this unusual killing at the following websites: Baynet website, Opposing Views or the petition for justice website.

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