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Viral marketing site for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' teases Carnage and Venom

James Garfield stars in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'
James Garfield stars in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'
Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment, used with permission

According to Digital Trends on Friday, Tumblr, which is host to The Daily Bugle website, paid homage in a viral marketing campaign for "The Amazing Spider-Man 2". Carnage, a quite ruthless and maddening villain as portrayed in the comic books, was teased on this site as a potential foe for the "Spider-Man" franchise. Eddie Brock, also known as the villain Venom, was mentioned as the author who had written the article about the incarceration of Cletus Kasady.

The article mentions the red headed description of the character who had murdered 12 victims in his killing spree as well as committed to Ravencroft Institute which is a ward for the criminally insane. It appears that since the author of the article, Eddie Brock, is the one shown to have written the exclusive faux news piece, it may be thought that this is how his character would be portrayed.

For those who aren't familiar with these significant "Spider-Man" characters that could get their own spin-off movies, Eddie Brock was a character that worked alongside of Peter Parker at The Daily Bugle. Apparently, when Cletus Kasady is apprehended by Spider-Man, Brock was fired for accusing the wrong killer. From that point on he blamed Parker for his fate and once bound with the alien symbiote, he thus contended to destroy Spider-Man.

Kasady was introduced to the symbiote in a somewhat different way that involved a visit to another planet. Upon his return to Earth, he was then invested with the alien parasite. It is unsure how this will be portrayed in the film, but this does seem to allude to the future of the "Spider-Man" franchise. Also, in the Sam Raimi "Spider-Man 3" film portrayed the symbiote as something that just fell from space, but in the "Ultimates" version of the comics, Marc Webb's rebooted Andrew Garfield "Spider-Man" films seems to fall closer to the mark of Webb's re-imagination.