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Viral ‘Life is too short’ ads take social media by storm

Life's Too Short Images

A German job seeking agency, Jobs in Town, recently launched a new ad campaign under the slogan “Life is too short for the wrong job.” The four-year print ad campaign features brightly-colored ads depicting people inside of vending machines, ATMS, gas pumps and washing machines slaving away to complete the task. According to a Feb. 28 report by Viral Nova, the ads are designed to show people that life is too short to spend in the wrong job and to encourage them to seek out their ideal job. Many of the images have gone viral hitting the Internet by storm.

Jobs in Town’s advertising campaign also features a hilarious video of a man who discovers fishing may not be his calling as he deftly twists the fish into a balloon animal. To date, the video has earned nearly 80,000 views but lags behind the popularity of the captivating images in the print campaign.

Middle School teacher Ari Sutton loves the ads. She says:

“Love these. It makes the point clearly. Nice design work.”

While others worry the ads may be offensive to those in third world countries who do menial work to support their families. Andy Tejada ·producer at ActiveTV Asia Pte Ltd shared his thoughts on the advertising campaign in the comments.

“This would look offensive in a 3rd world country, where people still do and are thankful for most of these jobs (sans the 'box-like' compartments - example, the gasoline attendant, laundry woman, photo booth operator).”

Whether you are a job seeker looking for the perfect job, or simply find these clever ads amusing doesn’t seem to matter as viewers continue to share these viral images through social media.

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