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Viral Canadian tweet offers geography lesson as Russians invade Ukraine

Viral Twitter picture issued by Canada's NATO delegation.
Viral Twitter picture issued by Canada's NATO delegation.
Twitter/Canada at NATO

As observed Wednesday, it's difficult for a large country like Russia to "remember where its borders are." Fortunately, Canada’s NATO delegation is more than willing to do its part, and issued a tweet to help Russian soldiers who apparently have a hard time distinguishing between Russia and Ukraine.

"Geography can be tough," the tweet read. "Here’s a guide for Russian soldiers who keep getting lost & ‘accidentally’ entering #Ukraine."

The tweet includes a map that shows Russia highlighted in red. Ukraine is highlighted in blue and is labeled "Not Russia."

Since being issued Wednesday morning, the message has been retweeted over 25,000 times. Over 10,000 Twitter users have "favorited" the message.

The Australian news outlet said the tweet "has delighted the internet and proved those nice Canadians have a sense of humour too." As of this writing, the tweet remains pinned at the top of the delegation's Twitter feed and has collected a great deal of positive feedback.

"Proud of Canada for calling an invasion an invasion," one person said. "Treating Putin's lies with contempt." Earlier this week, Russia admitted troops have crossed the border "by accident."

Another person called the map "nice," and suggested extending the "Not Russia" label to other areas. "They keep 'getting lost' elsewhere, as well," said Twitter user "Friends of Georgia."

"Is this an official government of Canada account trolling the Russian government?" one person asked. According to Canada's official foreign affairs, trade and development website, the Twitter account that issued the message is, in fact, the official account for the Canadian Joint Delegation to NATO.

According to, the tweet comes as Ukraine has directly appealed to NATO after a large convoy of tanks have rolled into the country. A NATO photo retweeted by the Canadian delegation is said to show Russian combat troops inside Ukraine.

The Obama administration, however, has refused to call the invasion an invasion. Buzzfeed reported the issue is not on the agenda for Thursday's National Security Council meeting.

Instead of calling it an "invasion," administration officials are using terms like “incursion” and “aggression.” State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki dismissed questions from MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, calling it “a discussion about terminology.” Buzzfeed explained that using the word "invasion" would "force the United States into a rhetorical corner" and require some form of response.

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