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Vipers to be crushed: 93 Vipers donated to schools nationwide ordered destroyed

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Chrysler has ordered 93 Vipers crushed, all donated to various automotive schools around the nation to use as teaching units for the students. The Vipers were donated to the schools when they were brand new and the donation contract stipulated that the vehicles be destroyed when they are outdated for teaching, according to CNN Money on March 7.

The technology used in the Vipers is outdated and they are now 10-years old. While the students and the instructors are heart-broken to have to destroy such beautiful vehicles, so far there is no problem abiding by the original contract.

One of the Vipers was donated to a school in Washington State. Spokesperson Kellie Purce Barseth for South Puget Sound Community College said that the school is not fighting the destruction order for the Viper that was donated to them. The Viper has been used extensively over the past decade when training the students to work on cars.

The car not only helped in teaching the students, but made marketing the program a lot easier. Barseth said the car made the school look “cool. While this is the first time the manufacturer of a car has requested that it be destroyed, the school signed the agreement and will hold their end of that bargain.

The Viper that the South Puget Sound Community College has was recently estimated at $250,000 by a car expert. While this is not an official estimate it was loosely done without a full inspection of the car, just think of the money the car would bring in for the school if they were allowed to sell it instead of destroying it. Even if the schools that have these Vipers can get half of the money of that recent estimate, it would come in handy for the educational needs of the students.

Some folks have suggested that the Vipers being ordered destroyed is due to lawsuits regarding the cars and the manufacturer wants them off the face of the earth for that reason. Chrysler has adamantly denied that rumor.