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Violet Scrap in Cleveland, Ohio

Violet Scrap
Photograph by Kobold Fünfundzwanzigzehn

Mark you calendars for Friday, August 29 and Saturday, August 31 for a unique dance workshop with rising international Tribal Fusion star Violet Scrap. Her United States debut will take place in Cleveland, Ohio where she will instruct two workshops and headline a spectacular show.

"As my first time teaching in the states, I feel overwhelmed with curiosity and fear. Yes fear, he he, for the first time in my life I am going to dive in the mothership of our dance style, "tribal fusion belly dance". I can just imagine how deeply different the community in Europe and in the us are, and this gap of unknown is so exciting; I will finally be having it clear, and will share dancing with an ocean-distant community that, I am pretty sure of that, will feel like home," Violet says.

Violet Scrap spent her early life studying music and visual arts. She began her journey with belly dance at the age of 18, finally feeding a lifelong desire.

In 2007, she began studying with Syria Nejma, a local dance teacher, approaching the styles of Baladi, Saiidi, Ghawazee and Khaleeji.
In 2008 she started dancing with the world music group Groowa Circus with the fellow dancer Irene Copolutti. Hours of improvised performances every night aided in her formation as a dancer and performer.

Her natural tendency of self-expression has driven her to fuse Oriental dances with Urban dances. This brought her in contact with the Tribal Fusion style, the love that changed her life.

After a few years of self-instruction, she traveled around Italy to train with only the top professionals: Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Samantha Emanuel, Cera Byer. Ashley Lopez, Ariellah Aflalo, Kami Liddle, Heather Stants, Colleena Shakti, Manca Pavli, are just a handful of names.

In 2011 she began collaborating with another very well-known italian dancer, Lamia Barbara. Together, they created the VIO.LA project, a dancing duo that pushes boundaries while creating beauty.
The same year she began training in ATS, and started teaching weekly Tribal Fusion classes in Perugia and Foligno. In September ,2011 she traveled abroad to perform at shows and haflas. Pushed by the love for the art form and incredibly supporting worldwide feedback, she became a fulltime dancer in 2012. While keeping up with her belly dance, she studied yoga, Bharatanatyam, house dance, theatre, and began working with the crew from the Street Dance School in Perugia. She also studies popping and hip hop and collaborating with the dancer Alessandro Fava. She had the opportunity to dance for the musicians Filastine and Nova.

In 2013 she organized The Urban Fusion festival in Perugia, the first belly dance/hip hop themed festival of the world. She has taught and performed at many festivals and events in Italy and abroad, trying to bring her peculiar vision of dance to Argentina, Russia, France, England, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Estonia and Austria. Her plan is to branch out around the world, in particular to North America. Her visit to Cleveland, Ohio is only the beginning.

Be one of the first to experience Violet Scrap’s dance vision.

The journey to Cleveland has been interesting and made possible through local dancer, Farah Page.

“I feel genuinely honored to be hosting a rising star such as Violet Scrap. I first heard of Miss Scrap though my dear friend and fellow dancer Soma Hadia. After watching video after video of this talented dancer I knew what Soma was talking about! Unbelievable technique, beautiful musicality, originality and an other-worldly presence. THIS is just what the fusion world needed! I think Violet Scrap is truly a breath of fresh air and mark my words she will be the next 'big thing,” Farah Page explains.

“Any body who knows me from the Cleveland dance scene knows how seriously I take my training. I have traveled more times than I can count to study with these masters. Its unfortunate that these opportunities are not always available to the dancers on the East Coast. I want this dance community to be able to expand their knowledge, dance out of their comfort zone, and celebrate the love of this art WITHOUT having to travel across country. I am happy to say I did NOT have to beg Violet to come to Cleveland during her first tour of the United States. She is very excited!”

Violet will presenting two days of workshops and a gala show.

On Friday evening, August 29, join Violet and some of Northeast Ohio’s finest dancers for “A Night of Spectacular.” The event will take place at Oak Grove on the Brecksville Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks .

Farah explains, “I was very 'up in the air' about even putting on a show, but I really wanted to celebrate Violet's first tour of the United States and give her a nice warm welcome from the Cleveland community! This show will be a Gala show of professional belly dancers from near and far. I am welcoming ALL styles! Raqs Sharqi, Fusion, Arab folk dance, Tribal Fusion, modern, and American Tribal Style dancers! This will be a tremendous show from start to finish with a couple of surprises! Nothing short of 'Spectacular'. “

“I wanted this show to truly be something beautiful and unusual! What better way to show case the natural beauty of North East Ohio than to have a show in the Metroparks under the stars!!!! The show will be in a covered shelter so there is no worry of rain!
Seating will be provided as well as refreshments and light snacks! I don't want to give too much away, but know that I have some wonderful things planned!!!!”

The Saturday and Sunday workshops will be held at the Crowne Plaza Cleveland South, 5300 Rockside Road, Independence, Ohio 44131

The First workshop is on Saturday, August 30 from 9 a.m. -3:30 p.m. From 9:30 a.m. – Noon, Violet will present a “Goddess of Sweating” workshop. After a break for lunch, the workshop continues from 1:00 pm. – 3:30 p.m. with “La Belle et la Bete” workshop.

“The Goddess of Sweating” is an upbeat workshop. “Constancy needs its own alter in the temple of the Fusion dancer. We are going to go through the classic steps (ATS and Fusion) with looping combos and exercises. Like there’s no tomorrow!” The “La Belle et la Bete” workshop will cover “digging through the extremes of beauty (long lines, delicacy. control) and beastly lines (angled lines, aggression and instinct) on one side to get over common places, on the other to extend the possibilities of the body. The final combo is to complement the wo sides of the coin.”

On Sunday, August 31, from 9:00 to Noon, Violet will be presenting her “Layerings of Doom workshop.” After lunch, from 1:00 pm. – 3:00 pm., she will be instructing a “Slave to the Music workshop.”

“Layering of Doom” is described as a “deep voyage into layerings of any, on type, on any time, any level “ The “Slave to the Music” workshop is described as “an in and out communication with the music. One way of expressing through dance is being at her feet, forgetting ego and just to completely abandon oneself to what the music suggests.” This workshop will include visual and practical exercises to grow awareness and give into it. Participants are to bring blank paper and color pencils, pastels, etc.)

“Violet categorizes herself as a 'fusion' dancer. So quite obviously these workshops may spark an interest in the dancer from the Tribal/Fusion world. However, the workshops that were chosen will benefit any dancer of any style who is willing to step out of their comfort zone! I encourage all dancers, no matter their style, to 'learn it all'! It will only make you a more well rounded artist in the end,” Farah says.

“What really sticks out to me about Violet is that she has magnificent technique but her artistry and the risks she takes in her dances are really inspiring. This is what fusion is all about!!! So...expect the full package!!! The four workshops that I chose will highlight everything from classic tribal fusion movements and techniques all the way to the avant garde and the artistically unusual so everyone will get something from these classes!!” F

There will be several slots available, on a first come, first serve basis for private lessons with Violet.

Farah adds, “Wear comfortable layering clothes. Dance shoes is your feet are sensitive to carpeted floors, note books... ect. If you are taking the workshop "Slave to the Music" on the last day please bring blank pieces of paper and crayons/ color pencils ! Water will be provided. Lunch is not included however there is a restaurant right in the hotel and many delicious resturant choices within a short distance from the hotel where the workshops will be. “

Interest in this workshop has already spread around the country and many out-of-state dancers plan on traveling to attend.

“ I do fully expect this event to sell out,” Farah says. “There is so much buzz around it already and I expect many out of town attendees! Space is limited at the hotel where Violet will be teaching! Registration will be online at and will open on March 23rd at 12 am! So mark your calendars!! The hotel that will be hosting the workshops is Crowne Plaza on Rockside Rd. Tthere will be a block of rooms offered at a discount price ( $99) for the out of town attendees! Just mention that you are apart of "Bohemia Spectacular: Violet Scrap"

The cost for each day is $125 or $200 for both days per person. The show is $30 per person. There is an additional fee for using PayPal. Registration opens on March 23 and, remember, this even is expected to sell out!

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