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Violent underground explosions, giant cracks, crumbling earth, What next?

The world that we once knew and loved is fast fading into the distance and will soon be gone.
The world that we once knew and loved is fast fading into the distance and will soon be gone.
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Violent underground explosions, gigantic earth cracks, crumbling earth, land slips, sinking land, sinkholes, and slashes and gashes in the land are long and deep and wide. What next?

In Brazil, a giant crater in opened in Aparecida.
various sources

Events like these are appearing just about everywhere and just about every day. Earth is being ripped apart by catastrophic plate movements due to Planet X (Nibiru) in the neighborhood.

Nepal is crumbling as India is shoved under the Himalayas.

The culprit, Planet X (Nibiru), is creating an earth wobble that tends to bounce tectonic plates violently around. If you need more proof of what is happening, here's some news from around the world.

Let's start with Nepal and move on from there.

For starters in Mugu, the most remote and least developed district in Nepal, the land and structures of areas adjoining the airport have sunk to the point of endangering the human settlement. Cave-ins around areas adjoining the airport have locals worried. Five houses and the temporary tower of Nepal Civil Aviation Authority are on the verge of collapse, and a large chunk of land and about 300 households are being affected.

In Nepal in November, fears of unprecedented catastrophe overwhelmed the residents of Armala VDC in the Kaski District, with good reason, land is subsiding. Some 17 families have been displaced after their houses started to sink into the ground and sinkholes appeared (some as deep as 15 feet). Some residents say half of their kitchens have sunk underground, and household belongings like tables, chairs, kitchen utensils, and gas cylinders have fallen prey to these sinkholes.

Nirmal Bhattarai, whose land has fissures and sinkholes all over it, said the “unusual phenomenon” in the village took place in only three days. The bed of the Kali River is also subsiding and the change in the water level can easily be observed.

Violent underground explosions in India

In mid-January, Berentsina village in Madagascar was shaken by a series of violent underground explosions that have continued since Nov 20. On Jan 15, these violent underground explosions hit the village at least 20 times in 24 hours. The phenomenon occurs during the night (animals leave the area just before the explosions occur). For three days in November, villagers were also terrorized by these violent underground explosions, with repeat performances in December and January.

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Land cracks in other places in January:

  • (Jan 25) In China, hundreds were evacuated after the earth cracked open and two ground cracks totaling more than 3,000 meters appeared in northeast China's Liaoning Province.
  • (Jan 21) In Tramin, Italy, huge boulders rolled down a hillside flattening a 300-year-old house causing millions in damages.
  • (Jan 14) In Argentina, deep cracks opened in the earth frightening residents.
    NOTE: Nepal is about 8 hours ahead of Argentina and taking that into consideration the cracks opened in both places at about the same time.
  • (Jan 8) In Africa, land cracked open in Nambia shocking Odibo villagers, who live in fear after long cracks and sinkholes opened in a stretch of land near their homesteads.

In December:

  • (Dec 30) A landslide in closed roads and caused the evacuation of more than 100
  • (Dec 28) In South of San Diego, California, a massive landslide dropped a huge chunk of cliff side onto the road between San Diego and Ensenada in Baja California, Mexico,. It fell toward the Pacific Ocean, taking a tractor trailer truck with it.
  • (Dec 27) A rock slide closed a West Virginia highway when three gigantic boulders, one estimated at about 3,000 pounds, broke loose from the mountainside and crashed across Coal River Road .
  • (Dec 26) In Argentina, the ground broke apart in several places crushing the asphalt. Residents heard a crunching sound and then the street split into two sheets of asphalt. Land there is sinking
  • (Dec 25) A UK village is split in two after road collapsed during a landslide
  • (Dec 23) In Nicaragua, a crack about 100 meters long formed in the street in Sensuntepeque, Camping. It is increasing in size.
  • (Dec 21) In Brazil, a giant crater in opened in Aparecida.
  • (Dec 19) In Bolivia, cracks open in the earth frightening Alato Valle Punata residents. Some cracks are 400 meters long, with gaps and they continue to grow.
  • (Dec 18) In Washington state, a massive landslide in Komo (big enough to cover a football field several feet high) closed roads and knocked out power.
  • (Dec 18) In Kyrgysztan, about 5,000 landslides have occurred with the total area of land affected about 7.5 % of the territory.
  • (Dec 18) In Brazil, landslides buried a family of six. Rescue workers were on the scene when a second landslide took place. Caught on camera
  • (Dec 15) In Jerusalem, landslides in an East Jerusalem neighborhood threatened at least 40 nearby houses were cracks opened.
  • (Dec 12) In Ohio, a massive landslip (180 ft. long by 40 ft deep) occurred in Lawrence County in Chesapeake.
  • (Dec 8) In Africa, parts of Mt. Elgon in Uganda have developed multiple cracks and villagers have been hard hit by landslides. Larger cracks are developing on the mountain, home to 200,000, most in the danger zone.

In November
In Mexico, landslides and land cracks,and subsidence have occurred in several areas. A huge crack (2,000 meters) formed in Alto Lucero and it continues to crack and is expanding over 17 acres of land. A community road sank 30 inches.

The world that we once knew and loved is fast fading into the distance and will soon be gone. It's already becoming difficult to recognize it. I know, I know, we just want to get back to the "old normal," but the "new normal" is here to stay.

Prepare or don't prepare, believe or don't believe, the choice is yours

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