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Violent Nebraska twin tornadoes strike Pilger

Large violent twin tornadoes hit Pilger, Nebraska, killing two, and destroying much of the town. The NWS preliminary rated one of the two tornadoes EF4, with estimated wind speeds between 166 - 200 mph. Nearly a dozen people are in critical condition, while search and rescue operations continue. The destruction to Pilger was extensive. A number of storm trackers initially assisted emergency crews with search and rescue efforts.

Basehunters Chasing tracks twin tornadoes
Scott Peake, Basehunter's Chansing

Scott Peake, a member Basehunter's Chasing, reported tornadoes, and captured amazing footage of these powerful destructive tornadoes as one hit this town.

Red Cross is accepting donations on behalf of the town of Pilger, and a number of charities have been established in memory of those killed by the destructive tornadoes.

While twin tornadoes are not particularly uncommon, twin tornadoes of this magnitude are fairly rare. Most twin tornadoes involve a parent tornado, such as a wedge, and rope tornadoes that may spin around the parent rotation, or as in the case of the Pilger tornadoes, an older tornado spun out in cooler air while a newer one began in warmer updrafts. It is fairly unusual that two tornadoes of this strength coexist, however, the second tornado is yet to be rated.

These powerful twin tornadoes were some of the most dramatic captured on film. For three days in a row, tornadic storms produced pairs of tornadoes in close proximity, most recently, yesterday evening in South Dakota. In the case of Pilger, another large violent tornado formed around thirty miles from Pilger only a day later. Impact to county resources in this region is expected to be considerable.

For two days in a row, strong powerful tornadoes hit Nebraska, and South Dakota.

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