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Violent cat traps Oregon couple in room, attacks baby in animal horror story

A violent cat traps an Oregon couple in their room after it attacks a baby living at the home. The crazy story happened in Portland, Ore. Sunday night.

FOX News reports March 10 that the large 22-pound cat had attacked a baby and scared its owners enough to actually lock themselves in their bedroom -- with their dog!

When the couple had a chance to dial 911, Portland police arrived to get control of the aggressive feline. They used a dog snare to subdue the cat and place it in a crate.

According to Portland Police Bureau spokesman, Sg. Pete Simpson, the 911 dispatcher recalled hearing the cat screeching on the other side of the door.

Luckily the baby was not injured before the cat trapped the Oregon couple in their room. Such attacks are not common by any means, but the cat apparently had a history of violent behavior. The report further noted that the cat remained with its owners despite its past, but after this incident they are unsure what to do with the it -- a Himalayan named Lux.

Cat traps couple in room, attacks baby, and authorities have to intervene? Talk about a story straight out of an animal horror story. It had to be pretty bad if even the dog was locked in the room since cats are mostly avoid them by running off. It is a good thing the baby was not further harmed.

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